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Well, Now You Know Why….

Untitled document …The nutroots were praising the performance of Republican Alan Schlesinger in the Connecticut Senate debates. Because Lamont completely blew it. Lieberman is pulling away in the polls and showing a rapidly growing lead. Lieberman, running as an independent … Continue reading

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The Parlor Game From Hell

Untitled document The Washington Post runs what the reporter acknowledges is a "parlor game". The issue is what if Hillary Clinton were to get the nomination in 2008. Then pick Bill Clinton as VP. A subsequent sampling of opinion from … Continue reading

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Speaking Of Nuclear Weapons

Untitled document How much overkill is too much? The Bush administration is proposing a new approach to the US nuclear arsenal which will surely get some people's shorts in a knot. In very brief terms, the plan is to modernize … Continue reading

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A Nuclear Japan?

Untitled document Charles Krauthammer has a column today at the Washington Post that argues we should "let" Japan acquire nuclear weapons. Frankly, I don't think it is up to us to decide. But it is instructive to see his reasoning. … Continue reading

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