Supreme Court Reinstates AZ Voter ID Law

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Surprise move by the US Supreme Court – they vacated a 9th Circuit court decision that had enjoined the Arizona voter ID law. They did so by specifically calling the way the 9th Circuit judges rendered their decision an error.

Surprising action on a Friday afternoon from the Supreme Court: The Court vacated the Ninth Circuit's order that had enjoined Arizona's Voter ID law: the 6 page per curiam opinion is here. The gist of the Supreme Court's decision is that the Ninth Circuit enjoined the voter ID law with an entirely unreasoned 4-sentence order, and this was a no-no:


UPDATE: Perhaps the most interesting aspect to this case is that it reveals a continuing interest among the Justices in the workings of elections, even post Bush v. Gore. Here the Supreme Court treated a request for a stay as a cert petition, granted the petition, and reversed — that's something rare enough to seem sort of like a lightning bolt from above. Of course, we're dealing here with the Ninth Circuit, so maybe the Court's interest is narrower, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Court gets involved in more election cases in the future.

That is good news for an honest election process. Bad news for the proponents of voter fraud.

UPDATE: Others: Big Lizards, Don Surber, PoliPundit, OTB (with a win-win proposal),

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