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“No One Speaks More Authoritatively….”

Untitled document "…for the Democrats on defense and national security issues than Sens. Carl Levin of Michigan and Jack Reed of Rhode Island", says David Broder in the Washington Post. That is how he starts off his column written to … Continue reading

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“They Should Beat Them Lightly”

Untitled document The words of Mahmoud Shalash, an imam from Lexington, Kentucky, as quoted by Asra Q. Nomani in an op-ed in the Washington Post. That is the answer she got when she protested to the imam about his lecture … Continue reading

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Emergency Transfusion

Untitled document Ned Lamont had to dump a quick $2 million into his campaign to keep it alive today. There is another debate on Monday and I'm sure the nutroots will be quick to declare Alan Schlesinger the winner again. … Continue reading

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All The Rage

Untitled document Want to grab a few headlines? Need some free publicity? Want the world press to carry your message far and wide for free? There's one easy way to do it all. Behead a few people. Think it's just … Continue reading

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Oriana Fallaci’s Bequest

Untitled document The Anchoress is quite correct. The headline is deplorable: "Atheist gifts pontifical school in will". The "atheist" has a name, it is Oriana Fallaci. Before she died she sent 20 boxes of books to a pontifical university in … Continue reading

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‘Engage the enemy more closely’

Untitled document The signal flown from HMS Victory just before sailing into battle off Cape Trafalgar, Spain. Today is the 201st anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar. Admiral Lord Nelson led the Royal Navy fleet against the combined French and Spanish … Continue reading

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Suppressing Voters

Untitled document Fred Barnes points out the obvious – and what appears to not be obvious to conservatives who think sitting out the election will "send a message". Barnes rightly points out that if sending a message by an electoral … Continue reading

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Aleut Update

Untitled document Despite losing the Republican primary and therefore the governorship of Alaska, Governor Frank Murkowski has created a policy-level office to advise on rural energy policy and oversee $183 million to help the neediest Alaskans in rural areas with their … Continue reading

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Better Get The Hired Help Warmed Up, Lyn

Untitled document A bit more evidence that victory celebrations for the Greatest Electoral Defeat In Recorded History Ever™ might be a bit premature comes from Barron's, the folks who know just a teeny bit about money. They analyze campaign finances … Continue reading

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Untitled document Or the haunted chicken. That is just one of the displays at a "haunted house" constructed entirely of balloons. The display is both a showcase for balloon art and a fundraiser for a worthy cause: proceeds go to … Continue reading

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Don’t Go Picking Your Pony Just Yet

Untitled document One of the things that is a source of constant amusement and/or irritation, depending on the stridency level, is the left's penchant for over-dramatization. One can see this quite clearly in yesterday's hysterical, hyperbolic hyperventilation by Lyn Davis … Continue reading

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A Big If

Untitled document If this allegation is true, Ted Kennedy has some very, very serious explaining to do. Sadly, I also don't think he ever will explain anything. There’s a new book on Ronald Reagan making the rounds, The Crusader: Ronald … Continue reading

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Blowing it?

Untitled document Dan Riehl thinks the Democrats peaked too early and are blowing their opportunity. It's an interesting read. Today, Rep. Harold Ford in Tennessee may well have done himself in as regards the Senate race. Go to the video … Continue reading

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Highs And Lows

Untitled document Update from the Wirefly X Prize Cup competition. A Lunar lander prototype by Armadillo Aerospace flew successfully one its first official trial, but suffered a mishap on landing and may not be able to take a second flight. … Continue reading

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A Glimpse Into The Future?

Untitled document I noted a post over at HuffPo last night that called for taking to the streets if the Democrats don't win in November. If you would like to see what taking to the streets brings about, one only … Continue reading

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