A Glimpse Into The Future?

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I noted a post over at HuffPo last night that called for taking to the streets if the Democrats don't win in November. If you would like to see what taking to the streets brings about, one only need look at Oaxaca, Mexico and the ruination of the local economy by leftists intent on overturning an election.

OAXACA, Mexico (Reuters) – With his future looking more secure, the governor of Mexico's Oaxaca state defied protesters calling for his head on Friday and predicted a prompt end to the bloody political crisis crippling a colonial tourist town.

A day after Mexico's Senate chided him for not halting the violent political feud but stopped short of forcing him from office, Gov. Ulises Ruiz said barricades that have paralyzed the pretty state capital Oaxaca would likely be lifted within days.

"We don't have much time, I think this situation will be resolved in the next few days," he told foreign correspondents. "Oaxaca can't go on like this, people are fed up."

With Ruiz reiterating his hard line and demonstrators using protester-run radio stations to call for barricades to be reinforced, analysts said violence appeared to be more likely.

Eight people, most of them protesters, have been killed in the five-month-old conflict, and demonstrators accusing Ruiz of authoritarianism have crippled the mountain town whose Indian crafts and nearby pre-Hispanic ruins attract foreign tourists.

The crisis started with a teachers' strike, but leftist and Indian groups have joined the protests calling for Ruiz to step down. He has rejected demands he quit.

This appears to be the new favorite technique of the left all over the world. Take to the streets an paralyze everything, even if it means the economy is trashed. Incidentally, the teachers who originally started this entire mess have suddenly broken with the virulent leftists and agreed to return to work.

OAXACA, Mexico – Radical protesters and teachers who have taken over the city of Oaxaca appeared to be parting ways on Friday after the teachers' leaders agreed to end a strike and return to work. 

Embattled Oaxaca state Gov. Ulises Ruiz predicted that the protesters' barricades blocking highways and streets would be taken down within a week.

An end to the strike could weaken the protest camps that dot Oaxaca city. Both the teachers and the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca, or APPO, which is overseeing the protests, planned meetings to analyze their next moves.

Leftists who have taken over private radio stations in Oaxaca broadcast diatribes on Friday calling teachers' union leader Enrique Rueda "a traitor" and a "sellout," after Rueda said on Thursday that the strikers would return to work, even though they didn't achieve their main goal of removing Ruiz from power.

Uh, gee, where have we heard that kind of rhetoric about someone who doesn't hew to the party line? Oh, that's right, it's in the Connecticut Senate race.

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  1. syn says:

    No doubt the National Lawyers Guild will be on hand to determine the outcome for all us unwashed masses though they won’t have their icon Lynn Stewart to lead the way, she’s busy defending Jihadist’s right to kill more Americans.

    That said, Huffertonpuffer Hollywooders are just plain creepy. It’s like they are so rich from producing absolutely nothing that they feel themselves uberAllahs of the sheeple.

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