Blowing it?

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Dan Riehl thinks the Democrats peaked too early and are blowing their opportunity. It's an interesting read.

Today, Rep. Harold Ford in Tennessee may well have done himself in as regards the Senate race. Go to the video – it isn't good. And while possibly an outlier, the latest from Zogby has him down by 7, which fits more with the desperation tactics he's using, confronting Corker and coming out for Lieberman, which he didn't need to do unless he isn't making it with moderates and conservatives in TN.

While not D versus R, it could be a portent of things to come as the Lamont campaign is going from hysterics to crashing to the ground 17 points down. Matt Stoller assures the faithful Lieberman's support is soft (eye-roll) … but Joe isn't the one who needs a cushion right about now.

The investigation headlines aren't going to be Weldon, or Foley, they are going to read NIE. And THAT, my friends, is a national security issue.

Burns and Tester a toss-up? I thought Tester was all but a lock, despite Burns incredible financial advantage coming down the stretch … which he still holds.

The Supremo's gave the okay to voter ID, for now. I wouldn't want to be a Democrat reacting to that in the public eye two weeks before an election. Bush's North Korea strategy worked two days after the Dems told the country it wouldn't.

Look for BushCo. to make a major announcement of a tactical shift in Iraq which will give marginal doubters at least enough hope to bite their lip and hold their nose when they vote. (Lots of links removed – go over to Dan's place to see the full analysis).

There have been a number of interesting facts coming out in the past few days. Democrats squabbling over campaign money is not the least of those facts. Nor is a sudden urge to borrow a lot of cash just before the election. There is also some indication that advertising, per se, is not working too well with the electorate this year. In which case the ground game becomes crucial. The Republicans have demonstrated an awesome ground game in the past. This may be where Howard Dean's "50 state" strategy murders the Democrat's hopes. If they lack sufficient GOTV resources in key races because they have spent too much on operations where it does not matter, Screamin' Howie may get his hat handed to him on November 8th. Or his head. Democrats can be somewhat vindictive that way.

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