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About Why Congress Is Gridlocked

Untitled document In writing an article that is meant to flatter Nancy Pelosi, the Washington Post reporter who wrote the story, Lois Romano, inadvertently gives away some startling admissions. Want to know where the paralysis in Congress is coming from? … Continue reading

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If You Were Wondering If There Was….

Untitled document …A complete lack of seriousness in the American media, you have to look no further than the Associated Press today. This is the media as pimp (term used advisedly). For they are trying their very best to continue … Continue reading

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Captain’s Quarters Gets New Anchor(ess)

Untitled document Captain Ed Morrisey is taking some time off this weekend to perform some volunteer work. But never fear, he has enlisted a very talented backup to keep the SS Captain's Quarters on course. The Anchoress will be taking the … Continue reading

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