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Or the haunted chicken. That is just one of the displays at a "haunted house" constructed entirely of balloons. The display is both a showcase for balloon art and a fundraiser for a worthy cause: proceeds go to a hospital cancer center and a Teens Living with Cancer support group.

IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. – Instead of clay or wood, sculptor Larry Moss prefers a highly malleable but far less durable material: balloons. Moss typically creates air-filled models of humans, animals and monsters, but his latest piece of performance art is even spookier: a 10-room, 10,000-square-foot, walk-through haunted house made out of 130,000 latex balloons covering everything but the floors and ceilings.

The Balloon Manor and its inhabitants — quirky, hilarious and somewhat creepy Halloween creatures — fill a wing of the Medley Centre mall in this Rochester suburb.

Its "boo-loon" show opened Friday and runs through next weekend. That's about as long as the artwork can last — with periodic infusions of air.

The entrance is a dragon's mouth, complete with a giant uvula that tickles visitors' heads. There's a motorized carousel of galloping insects, dragons and vultures, all ridden by undersized skeletons, and a Model T Ford that looks like it has long ghostly white arms.

In a nearby "beastro," two vampires hang upside down eating off an upturned table, and a ghostly chicken plays the role of "poultry-geist." In the kennel room, cages full of critters are trying to lock horns, claws and fangs through the bars. The crystal ballroom features both flying and disco-dancing skeletons.

Sounds like a lot of fun. There is a website for the Balloon Manor here, but it appears to be under severe stress at the moment, probably because of a crush of people trying to access it.

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