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Are The Netroots Frightened?

Untitled document This would indicate the answer is "yes". If Joe Lieberman wins in Connecticut, as seems increasingly likely, and if the Dems do not take control of either chamber of Congress, what would be the record of the netroots? They … Continue reading

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Untitled document We won the primary! You aren't allowed to actually beat us in the election! Frankly, the Lamont campaign is sliding down into amateurish childishness at this point. HARTFORD, Conn. — Ned Lamont's campaign says Sen. Joe Lieberman has … Continue reading

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Stem Cells = Tumor?

Untitled document A very disquieting news report that should really bother those who are strong proponents of embryonic stem cell research. It is very preliminary, but it is also very frightening. Steven Goldman and colleagues at the University of Rochester … Continue reading

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About That Self-Proclaimed Emperor

Untitled document Ann Althouse asks a question. It is one worth contemplating. "Can someone who puts up with Glenn Greenwald's prose explain something to me?" What Ann would like someone to explain: "How can people bear to read Glenn Greenwald?" … Continue reading

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Pass The Fernet Branca!

Untitled document Hollywood mans the barricades! The stars have come out in broad daylight! Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, Cindy Crawford, Jane Seymour, Dick Van Dyke and Tea Leoni all showed up! Lyn Davis Lear allegedly sent a chauffeur! Reports are … Continue reading

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The Timing May Be Off

Untitled document But I'll bet the prediction still holds true. The New York Times "Public Editor", Byron Calame has now admitted that the New York Times should not have published the story about the terrorist money tracking program. My July 2 … Continue reading

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A Criminal Record

Untitled document Welcome to the brave new world of environmental nanny-statism. A British man volunteered to be part of a pilot program for recycling. Apparently, a piece of junk mail addressed to the man somehow got into a bag meant … Continue reading

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Because It Has Been All Sweetness Up Until Now, Right?

Untitled document The headline: GOP Losses Could Spark Partisan Warfare. The opinion piece masquerading as a news article goes on to describe a number of scenarios of what could transpire if the Republicans lose one or both chambers in November. … Continue reading

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Even Thieves Can Do Some Good Now And Then

Untitled document If only by being caught in the act. Some would-be tomb robbers began digging into a previously undiscovered tomb near the Step Pyramid of King Djoser. They were spotted and arrested, but authorities, realizing they were onto something, kept digging … Continue reading

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44 Years Ago Today

Untitled document American President John F. Kennedy announced a naval blockade of Cuba on October 22, 1962. For the next seven days, the world stood at the very edge of a nuclear war. American school children practiced duck and cover … Continue reading

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Over There

Untitled document Kit Jarrell at Euphoric Reality has a recording of one of her original songs posted. She has a terrific voice, go over and give a listen. H/T STACLU Tweet

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Communist Heaven

Untitled document There are, of course, far too many leftists who admire Communism even after seeing the disaster it was for much of the world. Many of these vicarious admirers inhabit academia, of course. There are also those here in … Continue reading

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Debating The Wearing Of Veils

Untitled document A much needed public debate has begun in Britain over the public wearing of veils by a minority of Muslim women. Jack Straw kicked that off. The uproar continues, of course. The Times of London weighs in today with … Continue reading

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It Looks Like He’ll Try It

Untitled document All the signs are pointing toward Barack Obama trying for the 2008 Democratic party nomination for president. Which will, of course, necessitate him canceling all those assurances he gave that he would serve out at least his first … Continue reading

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About That Culture Of Corruption Thingee…..

Untitled document Remember all that talk about a culture of corruption? Remember how the Democrats were going to clean up Capitol Hill? Remember how it was all going to be different? One might want to consider this: If Nancy Pelosi … Continue reading

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