About That Culture Of Corruption Thingee…..

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Remember all that talk about a culture of corruption? Remember how the Democrats were going to clean up Capitol Hill? Remember how it was all going to be different? One might want to consider this: If Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker, she has announced she will appoint chairmen of committees by seniority. Even if that chairman was once a Federal judge who was tried in the Senate and removed from the Federal bench. He was tried and convicted for conspiracy to take a bribe.

The Washington Post reports that a Democratic House leadership would likely name Rep. Alcee Hastings the head of the House Intelligence Committee, and that the Congressional Black Caucus is insisting on this, given that Rep. Hastings is first in line because of seniority; Michael Barone reports that "Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is said to be determined to [name] Alcee Hastings" to the spot.

In 1989 the Senate removed then-federal judge Hastings, convicting him of conspiracy to take a bribe and perjury; the Senate vote was 69-25, and on one of the counts the vote was 34-21 even among Democratic senators alone. Hastings had been acquitted at his criminal trial some years before, which is to say that he wasn't proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. But shouldn't the standard for deciding who'll be head of the Intelligence Committee be more than just seniority plus he hasn't been proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt?

Gee, not even to election day and the hypocrisy is in full swing.

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  1. patty says:

    It never stopps. They just repackage the garbage and expect us to accept it.

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