Are The Netroots Frightened?

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This would indicate the answer is "yes". If Joe Lieberman wins in Connecticut, as seems increasingly likely, and if the Dems do not take control of either chamber of Congress, what would be the record of the netroots? They will have failed at every, single thing they have tried to accomplish, don't you think?

Why would this silly and desperate plan be any different?

The utilization of Google Adwords and simultaneous, widespread embedded hyperlinks in order to drive as many voters as possible toward the most damning, non-partisan article written on the Republican candidate in seventy key US Senate and House races. The campaign will run from Tuesday, October 24th until Tuesday, November 7th.

According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, the number one way that voters use the Internet for political action is to search for information on candidates. During the final two weeks of the election, it is reasonable to expect that as many as twenty million voters will be searching for information on candidates online. During this key time, this project will help push the most negative article written by a non-partisan media source on all key Republican candidates to the forefront of any search for that candidate. The negative article will appear both high on all Google searches for the candidates, and as an advertisement that appears whenever anyone searches for that candidate. By giving this article two prominent locations on Google searches for the candidate, and because it will come from a non-partisan source, it will increase the likelihood that the article will be seen and trusted by those searching for information on the candidate.

By all means, please do follow this advice from the left. This will ensure defeat for the Democrats. Because a real ground game, instead of a self-delusional, self-important, self-aggrandizing stunt will win out over a Google-bomb. To the left, the electorate is something to be treated with contempt.

How very sad.

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12 Responses to Are The Netroots Frightened?

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  2. drlloyd11 says:

    No.. They are strong this year than 2004 and much strong than 2002. In 2008 they will be stronger still .

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  7. madmatt says:

    To the right the electorate should be disenfranchised as quickly as possible so save your words!!!

  8. Peter in Hastings says:

    Desperate indeed, snort. Bower’s idea is just one idea in a range of Democratic efforts to influence this election, just like the Republicans engage in all sorts of efforts to do so. Bower’s biggest contribution to date was to push the netroots to get active in local campaigns to ensure that every district was contested. We came close, and that has paid dividends since well over 40 campaigns are now competitive in the midst of the GOP gotterdammerung. The Democratic party is taking nothing for granted, and the netroots certainly know better than anyone else, that the GOP ground game is top notch and that every Democrat should do what they can and what they are comfortable with, whether it is google-bombing or voter phone-calling, to get our guys elected.

    We certainly are scared. We are scared for our country’s future. The party in power has managed to so badly botch things that we haven’t seen numbers like this in polling – whether it is Bush’s historic period in the polling gutter (no one comes close) – or the right direction/wrong direction polls, or, for that matter, the polls out of Iraq which show most Iraqis want us the hell out of there. We’re in sad shape, and the guys responsible for that should pay. We need to ensure on November 7th that they will.

  9. Randy says:

    Most likely the Republicans will win again this year, even though the vast majority of Americans want change. They’ve already began massive voter purges agianst Democratic districts in 4 states including Ohio. The scenario goes something like this: select a district with a Democratic leaning voter base, run a program that scans the voters’ addresses against a list made up from their original voter registration, disqualify any voter it there is the slightest difference in the address (such as differences in abreviations apartment numbers, etc.) , send out a highly confusing letter in lagalese that states in fine print that the victim needs to report somewhere to get re-added to the voter role.

    The fix is in. Millions of voters are being disqualified right now in plain site. How ironic that a right winger would accuse the Democrats of contempt for the voters.

  10. Gaius says:

    Or it could be that some damage is being undone by cleaning up voter lists that have been padded:

  11. Randy says:

    Nope, I don’t think so. Republicans are always pointing to alleged fraudulent voting by Democrats, but their claims almost never hold up to scrutiny. Illegal voting is a crime, but there are no recent cases of any prosecutions or convictions. All that aside, 1,500 votes is small potatos compared to the amount of mischief a crooked Secretary of State like Blackwell can wreak.

  12. Black Jack says:

    The guys who want to cheat on elections are the ones who oppose commonsense voter ID requirements. If you wouldn’t cash a check for a stranger who didn’t have positive ID, you already know why it’s necessary to ID voters.

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