Communist Heaven

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There are, of course, far too many leftists who admire Communism even after seeing the disaster it was for much of the world. Many of these vicarious admirers inhabit academia, of course. There are also those here in this country who engage in interpretive dance celebrating Fidel Castro. But the fact is that the "system" of communism doesn't actually work. At all.

The official Prensa Latina news agency reported in a brief dispatch late Friday that the new minister will be Jorge Luis Sierra, a top Communist Party leader.

The government's ruling Council of State made the decision to replace Manuel Pazo, responding "to the priority that this important sector requires," the news agency said.

Cuba's transportation sector is still struggling to recover from the severe economic crisis after the Soviet Union's collapse. Cuba recently purchased scores of Chinese buses but most have been assigned to the tourism industry while average Cubans can wait hours for a crowded ride home on the city's older buses.

Yeah, that's a real victory for the worker's paradise.

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