It Looks Like He’ll Try It

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All the signs are pointing toward Barack Obama trying for the 2008 Democratic party nomination for president. Which will, of course, necessitate him canceling all those assurances he gave that he would serve out at least his first term as a Senator. But that isn't all that unusual, is it?

The Illinois Democrat said he could no longer stand by the statements he made after his 2004 election and earlier this year that he would serve a full six-year term in Congress. He said he would not make a decision until after the Nov. 7 elections.

"That was how I was thinking at that time," said Obama, when asked on NBC's "Meet the Press" about his previous statements.

"Given the response I've been getting the last several months, I have thought about the possibility" although not with any seriousness or depth, he said. "My focus is on '06. … After November 7, I'll sit down and consider it."

Obama was largely unknown outside Illinois when he burst onto the national scene with a widely acclaimed address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

In recent weeks, his political stock has been rising as a potentially viable centrist candidate for president in 2008 after former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner announced earlier this month that he was bowing out of the race.

Generally speaking, it appears as if the press is lining up early behind him. It might make for an interesting primary season. Personally, I think he'd be better of running for Governor before he tries it. Senators have a terrible track record, historically-speaking. The electorate prefers people with executive experience traditionally.

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  1. Black Jack says:

    He’s looking for the VP spot on Hillary’s ticket. The tip-off is all the recent chatter about Bill as second banana. Of couse if Hill gets in, you can count on ol’ Slick putting Obama in the shade, like Hillary did to AlGore.

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