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The “Grim” Milestone

Untitled document Mark Steyn writes another classic in the Chicago Sun-Times today. His topic is the "grim milestone" of the United States reaching a population of 300 million. Well, it certainly is grim for certain people. Or at least an … Continue reading

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The Ostrich And The Owl

Untitled document Ayaan Hirsi Ali, lately come to live in the US, has a cautionary tale in the Los Angeles Times that is yet another Sunday 'must read'. She delivers a parable of sorts, illustrating the two world views of … Continue reading

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“Turn Right Now!”

Untitled document Earlier this month we brought our readers the story of the 80 year old German driver who followed the instructions from his in-car navigation system to the letter. Regardless of the barricades and warning markers. Well, it seems to be … Continue reading

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Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Genocide

Untitled document The government of Sudan has kicked out the UN envoy sent there to try to get that nation to accept UN peacekeepers. It would appear that UN diplomat Jan Pronk gave enormous offense to the ruling thugs by … Continue reading

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Cheap Shot Politics

Untitled document This was all over the web yesterday and a lot of people have the video posted. The footage of Harold Ford, Jr. driving up to one of Bob Corker's scheduled events uninvited is a new classic in cheap … Continue reading

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