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We won the primary! You aren't allowed to actually beat us in the election!

Frankly, the Lamont campaign is sliding down into amateurish childishness at this point.

HARTFORD, Conn. — Ned Lamont's campaign says Sen. Joe Lieberman has failed to account for $387,000 in petty cash his campaign spent days before the state's August Democratic primary.

"Whenever this much cash is floating around it certainly raises suspicions of possible vote buying and other potentially illegal activities that the Lieberman campaign must answer," said Liz Dupont-Diehl, a Lamont spokeswoman. "It is crucial for the public to know what they were doing with this slush fund."

The Lieberman camp denied any wrongdoing.

Lieberman spokeswoman Tammy Sun said Sunday the cash was paid to field coordinators who then distributed money to workers who were canvassing. The payments to workers, many of them students, ranged from $50 to $100 per day, Sun added.

"This is just another reckless charge from a desperate campaign that is obsessed with reliving the primary," said Lieberman spokeswoman Tammy Sun. "The fact is, our attorney has assured us that the petty cash expenditures and the rest of our FEC report is in full compliance with the law's disclosure requirements just as every campaign Joe Lieberman has run for the last 18 years has been."

Lieberman doesn't need a slush fund, Ned. Because he has actually raised money instead of writing checks from personal funds. And he knows how to fund a ground game instead of relying on advertising. Hey! here's an idea! Have Kos star in an uber-creepy stalker-like campaign commercial where he peeks in through your windows.

Oh, sorry. Been there, done that. Does Kos return your calls anymore, Ned? Just wondering.

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