Hezbollah In Venezuela?

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I know Gateway Pundit had some links up a while back that pointed to the possibility that Hezbollah might be operating inside Venezuela with the tacit (or even active) help of (T)Hugo Chavez. There has just been an arrest in Venezuela that may indicate there is a growing problem. A college student was arrested after planting two home-made pipe bombs near the US embassy in Caracas. The bombs were wrapped in plastic bags. Besides the bombs themselves, the bags also contained "small fliers with publicity alluding to Hezbollah."

Police closed the street to traffic and set off the two low-intensity explosives, which they said were essentially homemade fireworks. Dozens of children were evacuated from an adjacent school. Nobody was injured.

Embassy spokesman Brian Penn said a motorcycle taxi driver "started screaming" to alert security guards after the youth made a remark to the driver. Penn said the embassy would defer to Venezuelan police to comment on specifics of the case.

Local police chief Wilfredo Borraz told reporters that one of the devices was found outside the school and the other in a planter about 50 yards from the embassy entrance.

He said both were wrapped in black plastic bags and contained "small fliers with publicity alluding to Hezbollah" — the Lebanese guerrilla group that recently fought a monthlong war with Israel. He said police glimpsed electrical wires protruding from one of the plastic pipes before setting it off.

"The idea was apparently to create alarm and publicize a message," Borraz told reporters, saying the explosives were made to scatter the pamphlets.

I don't think this is a really good development at all.

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