Okay, Who’s The Wiseguy….

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….Who put the steroids in the Geritol? Earlier we brought you the story of a British man living in Germany. Even though the man is 70 years old, he beat the tar out of four attackers. Now another story has come across the wires. This one from Omaha, Nebraska. When Two men tried to rob a 68 year old man at gunpoint in his own car, he beat the crap out of both of them. And he took their gun away, too.

OMAHA, Neb. – Two robbers who thought they had an easy mark in a 68-year-old Omaha man were surprised on Sunday. Police said Earnest Coleman was sitting in his car outside an Omaha grocery store when a young man jumped into the passenger seat with a gun and demanded Coleman's money.

Coleman responded by grabbing the robber and his gun, and exchanging blows. A second robber came to Coleman's window and hit the elderly man, police said.

Undeterred, Coleman pulled that man into the car and began to hit him, too. The two robbers then ran away — without Coleman's money and without the gun.

There is no word on whether Coleman was in the SAS, either. Man there are some mean senior citizens out there nowadays.

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