Turnabout Is Fair Play, Right?

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John Hawkins at Right Wing News points out that Googlebombing works both ways. He calls for Googlebomb parity. So, in the interest of fairness and to really tick off a few people, here's Blue Crab Boulevard's contribution.


Connecticut: Ned Lamont Maryland: Ben Cardin Michigan: Debbie Stanbenow Missouri: Claire McCaskill Montana: Jon Tester New Jersey: Bob Menendez Tennessee: Harold Ford Virginia: James Webb

Democrat Held Seats (CO-03): John Salazar (GA-03): Jim Marshall (GA-12): John Barrow (IA-03): Leonard Boswell (IL-08): Melissa Bean (IL-17): Phil Hare (IN-07): Julia Carson (NC-13): Brad Miller (PA-12): John Murtha (WV-01): Alan Mollohan

Republican Held Seats (AZ-08): Gabrielle Giffords (CT-04): Diane Farrell (CT-05): Chris Murphy (CO-07): Ed Perlmutter (IA-01): Bruce Braley (IL-06): Tammy Duckworth (IN-02): Joe Donnelly (IN-08): Brad Ellsworth (IN-09): Baron Hill (FL-13): Christine Jennings (FL-16): Tim Mahoney (FL-22): Ron Klein (KY-03): John Yarmuth (NC-01): Heath Shuler (MN-06): Patty Wetterling (NM-01): Patricia Madrid (NY-20): Kirsten Gillibrand (NY-24): Michael Arcuri (NY-26): Jack Davis (OH-15): Mary Jo Kilroy (OH-18): Zack Space (PA-06): Lois Murphy (PA-08): Patrick Murphy (PA-07): Joe Sestak (PA-10): Chris Carney (VA-02): Phil Kellam (WI-08): Steve Kagen

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  2. Outstanding…The bombing begins in five minutes!!

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