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Spam Control

Untitled document I have had a few people try to advise me on solving the comment spam problems I have here. I'm sure they are correct in their advice. I am not, however, even remotely competent to go messing into … Continue reading

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Untitled document I noted earlier a devastatingly effective political ad that has stirred up screams of outrage from the media. I rather suspect the screams are because of the effectiveness of the ad. But it is extremely funny to watch … Continue reading

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Untitled document Barack Obama may well be a very nice man and an honest politician from Illinois. I have lived in that state and understand the politics there far too well to comment any further on that. But aside from … Continue reading

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Alternatives, Part Two

Untitled document Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee has a few things to point out to the critics of the Iraq war who demand a precipitous pullout from Iraq. If current U.S. political trends hold, Iraq may become another Darfur, and … Continue reading

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The New Wave In Human Reproduction

Untitled document In vitro is a thing of the past thanks to the wonders of modern science. Host mothers? Passé. Fertility drugs? Bah, who needs them. Yes, folks there is a brand new, futuristic way to get the child of … Continue reading

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The Plan To Make The Crabitat Rich

Untitled document Sometimes, we just plain scare ourselves here. We have figured out exactly, precisely how to make the Crabitat the richest blog in the world! Really, this is a brilliant plan. Earlier, we noted that US customs was searching travelers … Continue reading

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Untitled document Rick over at The Real Ugly American asks the question: so what exactly are the alternatives in Iraq? I have repeatedly pointed out that a precipitous withdrawal would ignite a bloodbath. Are those calling for a pullout willing … Continue reading

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Ford On A Roll?

Untitled document Tom Bevan notes that Harold Ford, Jr. appears to be on a roll. Not the good kind where everything is going your way. More like a car hurtling down a hill with the throttle stuck wide open and the … Continue reading

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Hints And Allegations

Untitled document Close on the heels of the op-ed today by Pete du Pont that appeared in the Opinion Journal, comes this item from the New York Sun: "Conyers Hones A Case Against President Bush". Reporter Eli Lake separates politicians … Continue reading

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Untitled document Are the cracks in the Cuban economic system finally becoming so evident that even the faithful realize it is only a matter of time until the system collapses? It certainly appears that is the case. Cuba's official unofficial … Continue reading

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This Is Worth Reading

Untitled document Even if only for the reason of reading this line in context: "Don't underestimate our ability to blow it," he said. There is ever so much more, but I'll let readers go over and read it for themselves. … Continue reading

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REALLY Down Under

Untitled document All the depressing news concerning Australia rounded up in one place. Open up a can of Foster's and follow along that way you can be really down about the news from Down Under, too. Item: Rumors are circulating … Continue reading

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Moose On The March

Untitled document Vermont has finally come to the realization that the moose are taking over the joint. They are allowing intrepid hunters to help stop the reign of terror the antlered have instituted on Vermont's highways. Last year alone 144 … Continue reading

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Peace Is War

Untitled document In the crazy logic of the left, freedom of speech means they can say what they like, but opposing viewpoints must be silenced as quickly as possible. Call those viewpoints illegitimate and bar them from discussion. That is … Continue reading

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Polls And News

Untitled document There is an interesting study today in how to interpret poll results, or rather, how news media interprets those results. A new MSNBC/McClatchy poll came out. Using the same exact result, you see two different headlines. MSNBC goes … Continue reading

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