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Rick over at The Real Ugly American asks the question: so what exactly are the alternatives in Iraq? I have repeatedly pointed out that a precipitous withdrawal would ignite a bloodbath. Are those calling for a pullout willing to bear responsibility for what follows? So what are the alternatives?

Very interesting how unwittingly Peter Baker admits that he and his fellow objective journalists have twisted George Bush’s meaning of Stay the Course to represent “steely resolve” into “a symbol of being out of touch”. Baker and his colleagues knew full well what George Bush meant when he repeated the phrase over and over again. No matter what Baker or anyone else said or wrote as long as George Bush remains President we are not leaving Iraq until they have a stable democracy capable of governing and defending themselves.

But let’s not get hung up on another bias journalist tack. We can come back to that angle tomorrow or the next day or the next. What I would like to talk about is what exactly are the alternatives to stay the course?

We could send more troops. Any Democrats or journalists for that?


We could change our rules of engagement where far more bullets are flying, resulting in far more Iraqi civilian casualties and far fewer American ones. Any Democrats for that? how about Peter Baker?

By the way at this point I would support either change in policy. The sad fact is the Iraqis; at least a significant minority of them, the ones who count, the ones who are willing to fight and die for something have decided that they would rather fight and die for sectarian reasons or pure greed, oil revenues (sound familiar) and power rather than for democracy and safety for their families and fellow Iraqis.

The Iraqis who want those things to put it bluntly are not willing to fight for it. They are cowering in their homes or leaving Iraq to the militias, and Al Qaeda.

Go read it. Then ask the real question that the antiwar crowd dodges. What will happen? What are the alternatives? If the people who are calling for a precipitous withdrawal get their way, there will be blood on their hands. Not someone else's hands. Their hands.

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4 Responses to Alternatives

  1. biwah says:

    Ugly Amrican says he would support sending more troops and loosening the rules of engagement.

    Undoubtedly the calls to divide the country (and withdraw shortly thereafter) will increase.

    You are clearly against a pullout. Most of the left is not blind to the basic consequences of that route you know. But rather than prod you on that issue, I ask: What would you do?

  2. BubbaB says:

    Hmm… Well, I will answer for me. WWBD? What Would Bubba Do?

    First, I would ridicule the Democrats for being out of any ideas, but tired old phrases. A pull-out won’t work. (Funny, “pulling out” usually refers to “coitus interruptus”, but in this case, “pulling out” means the Democrats want to screw the Iraqi’s. Maybe we should call it, “Iraqus Interruptus”.)

    Secondly, I would not change the general rules of engagement. We must maintain the higher moral ground.

    Thirdly, I would increase the patrols on the border with the psychopathic nations bordering Iraq (especially Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia.) Inasmuch as is possible, I would change the rules of engagement along these borders. Anybody with an unknown purpose found crossing the border will be considered an attacking combatant on Iraqi soil, and will be dispatched appropriately. Goat-herders and other nomads do not apply, but should expect to be thoroughly searched. This may necessitate an increase in our forces there, but it would be worth it.

    I have a few other ideas, but they mostly involve pigs. Or pig guts, as the case may be. And emasculation.


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  4. Vigilante says:

    Baker and the rest of these good ol’ boys are going to find it was easier to keep George Bush out of Vietnam than it will be to get him out of Iraq. This ain’t going to be pretty. But sooner the better.

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