Ford On A Roll?

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Tom Bevan notes that Harold Ford, Jr. appears to be on a roll. Not the good kind where everything is going your way. More like a car hurtling down a hill with the throttle stuck wide open and the brakes not working. In the rain.

Harold Ford, Jr. is on a bit of a streak at the moment, and it's not the favorable kind. His press-conference crashing stunt last week seems to have backfired. He's also now involved in a war of words with Steve Cohen, the Democrat running to replace him in TN-9, where Ford, Jr.'s brother lost out in the primary but is running as an Independent. And there's the new Mason-Dixon poll I mentioned earlier showing that Bob Corker has edged back into the lead. But there's more.

In the Tennessean today, questions about Ford's presence at a Playboy party at the 2005 Superbowl continue to linger, in part because the Ford campaign has done a truly miserable job of dealing with the issue.

There's still more, of course. For some reason Ford has suddenly started losing his grip on what had been up until now a pretty tightly run campaign.

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  1. BubbaB says:

    …with a very large moose chasing after him…

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