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I noted earlier a devastatingly effective political ad that has stirred up screams of outrage from the media. I rather suspect the screams are because of the effectiveness of the ad. But it is extremely funny to watch the media trying to spin the video into something it certainly is not. That is, they are trying to call the ad "racist". Please, go see the ad over at Alabama Liberation Front before you form a judgment.

The MSM (MSNBC in this case) is also trying to paint it as controversial among the Republican party. This would be the first such take I have read that makes that accusation. I actually think that the Republicans are very pleased that this ad is going viral. But hey, I'm pragmatic that way. Of course Corker did an "arms length" on this. As Ali Bubba points out, that makes it deniable. That does not – in any way – negate the effectiveness of the ad. It works because Ford himself made it work. The ad makes fun of Ford's stances on a number of issues.

But isn't racist. MSNBC knows that. But hey, thanks for helping it go viral.

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  1. BubbaB says:

    “Fordus Interruptus”?

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