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Barack Obama may well be a very nice man and an honest politician from Illinois. I have lived in that state and understand the politics there far too well to comment any further on that. But aside from the fact that his name would actually not work out at all well according to the rules of The Name Game, he's been just popping up everywhere lately, hasn't he? One has to wonder, if one is a suspicious azure crustacean at any rate, why exactly he is popping up everywhere.

Being of a suspicious bent, one thing comes to mind right away: smokescreen.

Now why in the world would Barack Obama want to suddenly reverse himself on national television and declare he was going to consider running for president? Is it that he believes his sudden "rock star" image is real? Does he think he has the political chops? Does he think he can raise the cash? Does he believe the Great Pumpkin is ready to grant a wish? Maybe all of those, as unlikely as the last one is.

Or is he doing the party's bidding and throwing himself out there to try, desperately, to energize the base and get people to the polls? Is he trying to provide a smokescreen for the fact that, quite frankly, the Democrats don't actually have a party agenda that resonates with anyone but a few pollsters? If Obama can generate some smoke, maybe some people will think there is actually some heat behind it. Especially because there actually isn't.

Dafydd at Big Lizards has a heartrending biography of the compelling story of Barack Obama. The first half Kansan in the Senate. Or something.

UPDATE: Others: Wizbang, Darth Misha,

UPDATE: Thanks to Lori Byrd at Wizbang for the link. If you followed the link over, please do look around a bit while you're here.

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7 Responses to Obama-Rama

  1. I think it’s a replay of Cuomo, nothing more. Mario made that widely lauded keynote speech of his and suddenly everyone’s touting him as Presidential timber. Of course, before that speech he was a local who got smacked around by Ed Koch when he ran for mayor in NYC, but got adopted by Hugh Carey, ending up as Carey’s lieutenant governor and inherited the governor’s seat a year before giving the speech after finally managing to beat Koch in a statewide primary that Eddie the K never had a chance of winning (too NYC, while Mario was an established player in Albany).

    Before the speech? Nothing; no legislative or administrative record to speak of.
    After the speech: Rising Star.

    Another similarity was they both were/are being pumped up for running for Prez when there was/would be no sitting incumbent to deal with and the Dem bench was pretty thin.

  2. Gaius says:

    I think you’re right, he’s a lot like Cuomo was.

  3. Bob says:

    On my blog — bobmccarty.wordpress.com — I published the text of a news release that I received exclusively from the Barack Obama camp. It’s an eye-opening announcement about his presidential ambitions and will probably be in the papers tomorrow morning!

  4. Ali-Bubba says:

    Possible reasons for Obamamania:
    1. Warner dropping out meant there wasn’t a plausible anti-Hillary left in the Democratic Party.
    2. Because somebody at DNC/MSM headquarters realized they needed to do something to get black voters excited about voting Democrat on Nov. 7.
    3. What George Soros wants, George Soros gets.

  5. BubbaB says:

    Ali-Bubba, I’ll have you know, you’re treading on thin ice. Make sure everybody knows there is a distinction between the two of us.

    Besides, I ain’t from Alabama, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I sometimes wish I were. (See, if I was, I would have said, “was”, not “were”, er, something like that…)

    Anyway, how about, “Obamas Interruptus”?

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