Peace Is War

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In the crazy logic of the left, freedom of speech means they can say what they like, but opposing viewpoints must be silenced as quickly as possible. Call those viewpoints illegitimate and bar them from discussion. That is freedom of speech to the left. Storm the stage if you disagree with a speaker, that's how they do it at Columbia University. So it should come as no surprise at all that a "peace activist" punched a man and caused his victim massive trauma requiring four operations so far to correct with the end still not in sight.

A smirking peace activist who left a rising rock star fighting for his life after a row over his girlfriend was jailed for eight months today.

Christiaan Briggs, 30, attacked 19-year-old singer Billy Leeson and left him in a coma, after Mr Leeson asked him to stop staring at his girlfriend on a late night number 29 bus.

After punching the teenager Briggs, who went to Iraq as a peace activist in 2003, walked away "smirking".

Mr Leeson fell into a coma when he hit his head in the pavement and the judge at Snaresbrook Crown Court said: "It was obviously a miracle that he lived."

Mr Leeson, lead singer of rock band Les Incompetents, who supported Pete Doherty's group Babyshambles, had to have a series of brain operations after the near-fatal punch in Camden, North London.

His musical career is now on hold after surgeons had to remove a large piece of bone from his skull to lessen pressure on his brain.

He had to be resuscitated in hospital, had to learn how to walk again, and must endure a fourth operation on his brain.

In his victim impact statement, the teenager said he was still in a lot of pain and has lost three stone in weight.

He said he did not remember the attack, but when he awoke from his coma, he had "so many holes in my body I assumed I had been tortured."

New Zealand-born Briggs, a technician at a major firm of chartered surveyors who turned himself in to police following publicity about Mr Leeson's injuries, had previously acted as a human shield in Iraq in 2003 in the hope of warding off a US attack.

He only got eight months jail time. His victim will suffer the effects for the rest of his life. But freedom is slavery and war is peace.

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  1. DirtCrashr says:

    They should send him to be a “Human Shield” in North Korea – but the real appalling result is the utterly useless leftwing lightweight sentencing – what was measured-out in months should have been recalibrated in years.

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