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I have had a few people try to advise me on solving the comment spam problems I have here. I'm sure they are correct in their advice. I am not, however, even remotely competent to go messing into the files on the website. So, I just trigger a plug-in that makes legitimate commenters type a few characters to place a comment. The downside is that trackbacks can't get through.

So just to let you know: if you're trying to trackback, I had to kick in the anti-spam tonight. They crap is arriving at the rate of 100 per hour.

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3 Responses to Spam Control

  1. WordPress attracts the comment spammers since so many users do not have spam control. I use a keyword trap. Odds are that if you make a comment with the word P-ker in it that it will be autodumped in the bitbucket.

  2. Try Pete’s Custom Anti-Spam Image:

    Very simple to install and get working, and I have yet to get a comment spam since I installed it.

  3. BubbaB says:

    “Spammus Interruptus”?

    Okay, okay, I will stop now…

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