The Plan To Make The Crabitat Rich

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Sometimes, we just plain scare ourselves here. We have figured out exactly, precisely how to make the Crabitat the richest blog in the world! Really, this is a brilliant plan. Earlier, we noted that US customs was searching travelers arriving from Australia to take away any Vegemite. No, really, we aren't making that up. See? We speculated on how long it would be before the Vegemite-leggers would begin turning up. Here's the brilliant part!

It seems that Australia is suffering a really severe drought. This has been going on for a while and is so bad that grain crops are really down. That, in turn is making the price of chicken feed skyrocket. The end result of that is that the cost of chicken is rising sharply.

THE price of chicken meat is set to skyrocket, with the prolonged drought having pushed the price of feed grain up 80 per cent over the past 12 months.

The executive director of the Australian Chicken Meat Federation, Andreas Dubs, said prices could rise as much as 20 per cent by Christmas.

"The current drought is putting extreme pressure on the industry, which can be expected to result in significant price increases for chicken meat, from whole chickens right through to further processed products," he said.

A spokeswoman for Woolworths said yesterday it was inevitable that the drought would have an impact on some product – especially grain-fed produce. Prices were likely to rise just before or immediately after Christmas, she said, but it was too early to say by how much.

So all we have to do is smuggle chicken feed to Australia, accept payment in Vegemite and bring that back here for the ex-pats from Oz! Is this brilliant or what? Like we said, sometimes we scare ourselves.

UPDATE: Curses, foiled again. The maliciously undermedicated StikNstien has somehow obtained a photograph. I knew there was something funny about that deal to buy the cloaking device to render the ship invisible. But $12.95 seemed like such a bargain….. Damn . Another setback on the road to ruling the universe.

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  2. BubbaB says:

    “Vegemitus Smugglus Interruptus”?

  3. Gaius says:

    I detect a theme here, BubbaB….

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