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Untitled document David Broder writes a decidedly odd column. Well, not really odd, more of a lament for Lamont. For in Broder's view, the Connecticut Senate race is all about how the nation views the entire war in Iraq and … Continue reading

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A Certain Darkness, A Certain Light

Untitled document The Anchoress. Please read what she wrote. Everyone, all of us, whether we see it or not, is broken in one way or another. It is how we get past being broken that matters. It is how we … Continue reading

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The Beat Goes On

Untitled document Or at least the voting does at the United Nations General Assembly. Venezuela can't get to 100 votes no matter how many time the ballots are cast. Guatemala can't get to the 2/3 majority. This would be a … Continue reading

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One Little, Two Little, Three Little Vampires

Untitled document Ah, the creature of the night. The undead who has no reflection in a mirror. The Nosferatu, creature of death yet also of mythical ability to attract his (or her) next victim. The unholy, undying monster that only fears … Continue reading

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Slippery Slopes

Untitled document Eugene Volokh on the New Jersey Supreme Court decision on gay marriage: ….this decision, whether you like it or not, seems to be an illustration that the slippery slope is a real phenomenon. Even when there are conceptually … Continue reading

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Dow Hits 12,134

Untitled document Another record close, an almost unprecedented string of record closes. The Fed's Open Market Committee kept the nation's benchmark rate unchanged at 5.25 percent for a third straight meeting, but it noted in its accompanying policy statement that … Continue reading

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More Menacing Manatee Madness!

Untitled document We continue to bring you all the breaking news on the animal uprising. Earlier this year we warned people near the Hudson River in New York that they were in imminent danger from a man munching manatee invasion. … Continue reading

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Talk About A Pot Bust

Untitled document A crack addict decided he was going to go on a little burglary spree to feed his habit. He definitely picked the wrong house to try to steal some golf clubs from, though. The homeowner heard the warning … Continue reading

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A Fork(Lift) In The Road

Untitled document Or at least in the parking lot. An angry shopkeeper in Mahopac, New York became irate when another man parked his car in such a way to block access to a storage container. Words were exchanged. Then the … Continue reading

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Argentina Asks For Warrants For Former Iranian Leaders

Untitled document This is extremely interesting. Prosecutors in Argentina have asked a judge to issue arrest warrants against former Iranian president Hashemi Rafsanjani and seven other former officials for planning and ordering the bombing of a Jewish cultural center in … Continue reading

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Change Tactics, Not Strategy

Untitled document That is the message from Bush's press conference today. Here's the link to the full text from the White House. The Associated Press report is, surprisingly, a straight take on the press conference. It is not an editorial … Continue reading

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Cannibal Pelicans On The March

Untitled document It was only a matter of time. Some of the forces of the animal uprising are turning on one another in a species-on-species bloodbath of unparalleled , er, beastliness. Them being beasts and all. Or in this case … Continue reading

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He Was

Untitled document On Monday we reported on the 70-year old retired British man living in Germany who was accosted by four muggers. Instead of getting the man's wallet, they got a harsh lesson when the pensioner opened up a mega-sized … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Time

Untitled document John Podhoretz points out the two relative time frames that exist in this election cycle. Mainstream Media Time and Blog Time. This is actually an interesting take on what is happening this year. Those of you on Mainstream … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In The Real World

Untitled document While an insane amount of time, ink and pixels are being wasted on discussing campaign advertisements, the rest of the world watches the American political debates and scratches their collective heads. How can the world's only super power … Continue reading

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