A Fork(Lift) In The Road

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Or at least in the parking lot. An angry shopkeeper in Mahopac, New York became irate when another man parked his car in such a way to block access to a storage container. Words were exchanged. Then the shopkeeper punched the man's car. Failing to achieve a knockout, he then proceeded to bring out the big weapon:

A forklift.

Karst said the episode began at about 5 p.m. Oct. 16 at a strip mall on Route 6 in Mahopac. Safrah felt the car, though legally parked, was blocking his access to a storage container or trash bin and got into a heated argument with the driver, who was an employee of another store and was no longer in the car. Police did not release that man's name.

The police report, issued Tuesday night, says Safrah then punched the side of the vehicle, denting it. Then he took the controls of a forklift in the parking lot, maneuvered its lifting mechanism under the car and lifted it upward. The car was not moved out of the parking spot, however.

"We don't know what his intention was," Karst said.

Karst said he did not know who owned the forklift, but it probably belonged to another of the businesses.

After lifting the car, Safrah allegedly punched the driver in the mouth. The victim was injured but not seriously, Karst said.

The car was eventually lowered from the forklift.

Sometimes when you're faced where a situation where your temper wears thin, you face a fork in the road. You can either walk away, or you can do something stupid. I think we know which path this guy took. Or if you can't help yourself, at least get one of these puppies and make it worthwhile.

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