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Never Missing An Opportunity

Untitled document To miss an opportunity. That has pretty well described the Democrat's uncanny ability to turn silk purses into sow's ears year after year. They are doing it to themselves again right now in Tennessee. If they had simply … Continue reading

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They’re Number One!

Untitled document And number two has something to do with it. A study released by an environmental group concludes that Los Angeles county has the dirtiest water at their beaches in the entire state of California. Whoo hoo! Bragging rights … Continue reading

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The Last Thing We Want To Do

Untitled document Today's Opinion Journal points out the problems facing Iraq. One of the biggest ones is American defeatists. The more it looks like American politicians are going to cut and run from Iraq, the worse the situation will become … Continue reading

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Not Likely

Untitled document (T)Hugo Chavez has been effectively stymied at the UN in his bid to buy a seat on the UN Security Council. Pretty much everyone knows at this point that Venezuela will not be taking that seat. But if … Continue reading

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Doing The Wrong Thing Again

Untitled document Frederick Kagan writes an op-ed in the Washington Post that clearly points to mistakes made in Iraq. He also clearly points out the fallacies of those who argue for a precipitous withdrawal. There are dark parallels to Vietnam, … Continue reading

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Some Ideas

Untitled document Even though I don't agree with David Ignatius all that often, I will give him credit for at least not following the rest of the mindless media on Iraq. In this case, rather than a mindless whine about … Continue reading

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