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Negative Campaigning

Untitled document The Washington Post helpfully informs everyone that it is all the Republican's fault. Never mind that the way they "prove"  this allegation is by one of the oldest tricks in the book. They devote a paragraph or more … Continue reading

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Worst Election Cycle EVER

Untitled document I'm not a huge fan of linking Matt Drudge, his stuff is running at 0 for 2 in the Crabitat at the moment. But this one comes from a press release, so one way or another, it can't … Continue reading

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Bread And Circuses

Untitled document Wow, this is so blatant, it almost boggles the mind. (T)Hugo Chavez is attempting – and appears to be succeeding at- buying his reelection as president of Venezuela in the most ham-handed display of open vote buying I … Continue reading

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The Disaster Of Uncovered Meat

Untitled document Tim Blair slams the Australian Mufti who compared women, unfavorably, to meat. (I posted about what I think is a very, very encouraging reaction from the Muslim community to his crap here). The important point in Tim's post … Continue reading

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Best Halloween Parade Float EVER!

Untitled document Anyone who has had a young son in the Cub Scouts knows that a) boys WILL be boys and b) groups of young boys when put in close proximity will try the patience of a saint. This is … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In The Corporate Jungle

Untitled document Oracle corporation is making direct threatening moves toward the open-source Linux market by targeting Red Hat. The fun just never ends, it seems. RALEIGH, N.C. – One move by rival Oracle Corp. has turned Red Hat Inc. from … Continue reading

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Microsoft Will Be Watching The Office

Untitled document Specifically, starting tomorrow, October 27th, the Microsoft mothership will now be validating any copies of Office that try to download a template. In January, they will check the software that tries to update. I do not have a real problem … Continue reading

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Another New Record For Dow

Untitled document 12,163 today, another new record. The Dow Jones industrials, lifted in part by component Exxon Mobil, had their fourth consecutive record high close. The generally upbeat earnings reports of the past two weeks have helped power the blue … Continue reading

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Pleasing Osama

Untitled document A pretty strident critic of George Bush and American anti-terrorism policies in general as well as being a respected expert in the field of counter-terrorism, Peter Bergen is no apologist for American efforts in Iraq. He is also an … Continue reading

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This Is Good News

Untitled document The Australian Muslim community is enraged and demanding the offending person be removed from office. What's different here is that the community is demanding that the Muslim community's Mufti, Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, be removed for his execrable … Continue reading

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This Is Highly Unusual

Untitled document The Department of Defense has asked the New York Times to correct an editorial. The Times has refused. Oct. 24, 2006 —The Pentagon today asked the New York Times to correct an editorial, which claimed that “There have … Continue reading

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One Of Life’s Little Embarrassments

Untitled document Every once in a while a little embarrassment creeps into everyone's life. Whether it's a case of unexpected biological noises at inopportune times, or forgetting your wallet when trying to buy something, it's just part of being human. … Continue reading

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Great News For Alec Baldwin!

Untitled document Paging Alec Baldwin. They've sent transport around for you! More here. Tweet

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The Damage Can Be Huge

Untitled document The Christian Science Monitor has an editorial today that addresses the many controversies surrounding the efforts to require ID when casting a ballot. They are unhappy with the fact that such actions are even needed, but they also … Continue reading

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Venezuela, Guatemala Seek Compromise

Untitled document It appears that the deadlock over the open Latin American seat on the UN Security Council may be reaching an end. But only if (T)Hugo Chavez stops trying to insert his Bolivian puppet in his place. Guatemala has … Continue reading

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