Best Halloween Parade Float EVER!

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Anyone who has had a young son in the Cub Scouts knows that a) boys WILL be boys and b) groups of young boys when put in close proximity will try the patience of a saint. This is a fact of parenting that nobody ever tells you about in advance. Probably because those who have been through it want to see others suffer as they have. Now the boys don't even have to intentionally be trying to misbehave to cause mayhem. No, it is just the close proximity that produces unexpected results. And occasional mayhem. And more mayhem. Often.

And so we come to the annual Halloween parade in Bath, Pennsylvania.

Mayor Betty Fields said Wednesday the parade had started normally Tuesday night and had gone about 500 yards.

"All of a sudden the back of the truck started on fire," Fields said.

Fortunately, a parade means fire trucks. The Klecknersville Rangers Volunteer Fire Co., from Moore Township, was behind the Cub Scouts and quickly snuffed the flames.

Jason Harhart of the Klecknersville Rangers said it was unclear how the fire started. No injuries were reported. Fields said the parade continued on, and she gave the Cub Scouts a loyalty award for sticking with it.

Having been around the little monsters darlings when mishaps have occurred, I can absolutely guarantee that at least one of the Cub Scouts uttered the words in the title of this post, or ones very similar, shortly after they got their award. Or even before.

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