Microsoft Will Be Watching The Office

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Specifically, starting tomorrow, October 27th, the Microsoft mothership will now be validating any copies of Office that try to download a template. In January, they will check the software that tries to update. I do not have a real problem with this since my software is legal. I do, however have a dislike of a company that thinks it has the right to come into my home and inspect things.

If you don't like the mandatory antipiracy checks that Microsoft now enforces for Windows, brace yourself. The Microsoft Office productivity and collaboration suite is about to get a similar program.

The company's Office Genuine Advantage (OGA) program will require mandatory validation of Office software starting October 27, the software vendor quietly disclosed today. After that date, any Office Online templates downloaded from within the Office 2007 Microsoft Office System applications will require validation of legitimacy.

Similarly, starting in January, users of Office Update will have to validate the legitimacy of their Office software before they can use the service, Microsoft added.

I am not in favor of bootleg software, please do not think that is what I am objecting to. But I am now seriously going to try out Linux. If you need a legal – and free – office suite, the OpenOffice one works pretty darn well. The price is right, too.

I actually think that in the long run this will damage Microsoft, by the way. People will shift away from strong arm tactics (I am, just on general principle). It would make more sense for them to use incentives to use genuine products like additional cool functionality for certified users.

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3 Responses to Microsoft Will Be Watching The Office

  1. They are doing so now. Just downloaded IE 7.O. MS validated my copy of XP.

  2. ck says:

    Europe won’t be able to get any updates. Half the worlds businesses are running on pirated microsoft software.

  3. guy says:

    “Half the worlds businesses are running on pirated microsoft software.”

    If Microsoft’s validation program makes people get off their butts and actually try alternative software, it could end up being a good thing all around.

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