The Disaster Of Uncovered Meat

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Tim Blair slams the Australian Mufti who compared women, unfavorably, to meat. (I posted about what I think is a very, very encouraging reaction from the Muslim community to his crap here). The important point in Tim's post is the very last sentence. Although the whole thing positively rips a new one for apologists for the Mufti's exceedingly execrable words. Read the whole thing, it's harsh but spot on.

(Lest any of the ClueProof™ think I am being "culturally insensitive", let me assure you, I have exactly the same tolerance for anyone from any faith/ethnicity/social group/any other damn thing you can think of that thinks a woman is "asking for it" because of the way she dresses. Period. If someone thinks that is being culturally insensitive, I have some choice words for you that I won't post because I do try to adhere to the standards I ask of my commenters).

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  1. Shabazz al-Bundi says:

    Of course, he’s right. But it doen’t sound nice.

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