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Ding Dong – Big Time?

Untitled document Is Fidel Castro finally dead? Publius Pundit has a roundup that the man (or monster) that has kept Cuba in thrall for 47 years may finally be dead. He has been a brutal dictator and has kept his … Continue reading

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Snakes On A Cop!

Untitled document Or snakes in a cop station! It seems a woman in Shamokin, Pennsylvania was reported to the police as being suicidal. The police responded and found the woman holding a knife to her own throat (I get a … Continue reading

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Played Like A Cheap Violin

Untitled document The Associated Press is reporting that the kerfluffle over the so-called silencing of the Dixie Chicks and the ads for their new movie appear to be nothing more than a publicity stunt. So say the networks involved, NBC … Continue reading

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This Is One Of Those Things

Untitled document That won't really make any difference in the end, but does show that Harold Ford is a little bit inexperienced about foreign affairs. It seems he gave a speech where he casually tossed off the names of countries interested … Continue reading

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All Signs Point To A Hubble Repair Mission

Untitled document There will not be anything official until Tuesday when a "gala" press conference has been scheduled, but it looks very, very good for a shuttle mission to repair the Hubble telescope. The decision rests with NASA Administrator Michael … Continue reading

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Marooned Memphis Manatee Missing

Untitled document It seems someone in Tennessee finally came to their senses. The marooned manatee that attracted so much media attention has disappeared from the Memphis area.  A rescue team from Florida called off the search for the missing manatee … Continue reading

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Antidote For Dixie Chickitis

Untitled document Getting a rash from the endless screeching coming from the Dixie Chicks? Exhausted by their endless whining about being silenced? Which they deliver on television, in a new movie and in endless cover stories in magazines? Ready to puke at the … Continue reading

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Paris Is Burning

Untitled document The 1966 movie Is Paris Burning? is about the withdrawal of German forces from the city and the ultimate disobeyal of Adolph Hitler's direct orders to burn the city if the Germans could not hold it. It has … Continue reading

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Venezuela Continues To Block

Untitled document They are accusing Guatemala of backing out of talks to resolve the UN Security Council voting deadlock, but from the rhetoric it certainly sounds more like the only compromise Chavez will accept is the substitution of his pet … Continue reading

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Two World Views

Untitled document There have been several discussions lately comparing different frames of reference on this election. There have been comparisons between "Blog Time" and "Mainstream Media Time" that asks which frame of reference will hold through the election and what … Continue reading

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Unsuccessful Experiment

Untitled document Well, we have the first reported failure of the animal uprising's genetic experiment program. One of their four-legged attack chicken experiments has turned out badly. The chicken kicked the bucket. With all four legs, apparently. WELLINGTON, New Zealand … Continue reading

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Punish Me, Too

Untitled document I'm with Laurie Byrd on this one. If boatloads of free publicity, scads of magazine covers, endless rivers of ink and immediate access to radio, television and reporters is punishment, the Dixie Chicks sure seem to be getting … Continue reading

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Gutter Trawling

Untitled document More about negative campaign ads from AFP. Oddly, it's actually more balanced than the article in today's Washington Post that I linked earlier. It points out both Republicans and Democrat negative ads pretty evenly. It also mentions the … Continue reading

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Snow Jobs

Untitled document Jim Lynch over at bRight and Early has a mixed-up story that is really quite humorous. Tweet

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More Cheerleading

Untitled document The Associated Press is jumping up and down chanting, "1994, 1994" over and over and over. This must be part of some sort of magic incantation they pray will work for their chosen candidates in the elections. Their … Continue reading

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