Ding Dong – Big Time?

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Is Fidel Castro finally dead? Publius Pundit has a roundup that the man (or monster) that has kept Cuba in thrall for 47 years may finally be dead. He has been a brutal dictator and has kept his island nation back from real progress in the world for far too long. If he is gone at last, then it is not a bad thing for the people he has tormented and oppressed for too long.

On Saturday, his sycophant, Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, flew into Havana (scroll down), possibly to bid a final farewell to his Cuban master. And Brazil’s President Lula da Silva made a slip of the tongue last weekend, saying ‘when Castro was alive…’ forgetting no one had announced that The Beast was dead. Meanwhile, Otto Reich reports that news agencies are getting visits from Castroite government functionaries regarding coming funeral arrangements, including seating, best camera angles, visas, how-tos ahead the coming spectacle…where guerrillas, tyrants, and Sandalista suckups will gather in one horrible place to mourn their hero.

I think there is little doubt that the Monster of Havana who has spent 47 years destroying Cuba, is at or near death. The Grim Reaper is after him, and the sickle is no longer on a little flag with a hammer; it’s real.

It’s over.

As that happens, brutal crackdowns are happening against Cuba’s innocent independent librarians. Like this one by Castro’s savage martial artist goons who specialize in assaulting members of Cuba’s fragile green shoots of civil society, people like these:

Go over and take a look at what Castro's machine is like. Take a hard look, you dilettantes who think his brutal dictatorship stood as a "beacon" against the country that allows you the freedom to ally yourself with a monster. Castro was a beacon alright. Guiding the way to a place in Hell. Fausta has more.

One hopes he enjoys his stay there.

One hopes.

UPDATE: Val Prieto at Babalu Blog:

I will honor my parents, both of whom at the age that I am now, were subjected to horrors unimaginable to me and whose determination to save their children from a life of hatred and indoctrination made them begin life anew in a new country with a new language and a new culture. They arrived here naked and toiled the rest of their lives to clothe me and my sister with freedom. I will go to their home that day, the home where I was raised here in exile, and I will shed more than a few tears. I know that they will perhaps never return to Cuba but I will promise them that I will one day see the home where I was born. I will one day lay flowers on the graves of lost loved ones in Cuba. I will one day see what caused them so much pain to leave.

"They arrived here naked and toiled the rest of their lives to clothe me and my sister with freedom." Do you – can you – understand that sentence you admirers of Fidel Castro? Do you understand what that means to people who fled the monster you admire and lionize? No, you dilettantes will mourn the monster. Better that you should mourn your humanity.

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  1. Val Prieto says:

    Better that you should mourn your humanity.


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