Marooned Memphis Manatee Missing

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It seems someone in Tennessee finally came to their senses. The marooned manatee that attracted so much media attention has disappeared from the Memphis area. 

A rescue team from Florida called off the search for the missing manatee early Thursday because of bad weather.

The animal was first spotted Saturday in the Wolf River Harbor, and the rescue was mounted because the water is too cold for it.

A wildlife biologist says the longer the manatee is in the cold water the more dangerous it'll be for it. The manatee will be taken back to the warmer waters off Florida by truck once its found.

To protect the manatee, which apparently swam up from the Gulf of Mexico, police have restricted onlookers to bluffs overlooking the shallow waterway between downtown Memphis and Mud Island, a three-mile-long island with a pleasure boat marina and residential neighborhood.

This explains the brisk trade we have experienced here in requests for our manatee brisket recipe.

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