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First They Came For The Vampires

Untitled document First it was proving vampires are a mathematical impossibility. Now they're going for the ghosts and zombies. Those evil scientist types are debunking the most cherished part of many people's delusional beliefs just in time to take all … Continue reading

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The Real World

Untitled document While politicians and partisans are merrily promoting sideshows and acting as carnival barkers, there are serious things going on in the world. For example, Iran has now put a second centrifuge cascade into operation, according to Iranian media. … Continue reading

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Offsetting The Advantage

Untitled document I noted the Barron's campaign funding based election analysis a few days back. The analysis predicted wins based on fundraising. Hence, it gave the win in New Jersey to Menendez since he has handily out-raised Kean. But I … Continue reading

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Bad Meat

Untitled document Well, the Australian Mufti who made the thoroughly disgusting remarks about women, comparing them unfavorably to meat, has been suspended for three months by the board of the mosque he preaches at. But he refuses to step down … Continue reading

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Dishing Up Dirt

Untitled document Someone is making a bundle of money dishing up dirt. Is it the New York Times? No, they aren't doing any more than the usual dirt dishing. Is it the 2006 elections? Well, no more than the already … Continue reading

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The Common Socialism

Untitled document The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has a short editorial about the new Democratic party catch phrase that is being bandied about with abandon by candidates everywhere. "The Common Good" is the phrase a number of people have come up with … Continue reading

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Premature Obituaries

Untitled document Gerard Baker, writing in The Times of London, refuses to share the dim view of America that is so prevalent among detractors. Those detractors exist both around the world and within the nation itself. They all pretty much … Continue reading

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False Hope

Untitled document Michael Graham has a piece in the Boston Herald that really is a must read. It points out the one thing that the Democrats have not addressed in all the election year hoopla. All the sideshows and carnival … Continue reading

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South Korean Government Shakeup?

Untitled document It seems that something is changing in the South Korean Government. Essentially, the entire group of people who had been in charge with relations with North Korea have tendered their resignations. These do not appear to have been … Continue reading

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The Warlike Clintonistas Again

Untitled document What is it with former Clinton officials, the Washington Post and the sudden aggressiveness that was never once evident when Clinton actually held office? This is at least the third time I have read something by a Clintonista … Continue reading

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