Paris Is Burning

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The 1966 movie Is Paris Burning? is about the withdrawal of German forces from the city and the ultimate disobeyal of Adolph Hitler's direct orders to burn the city if the Germans could not hold it. It has taken 62 years, but Hitler's orders are finally being followed, but by Islamist driven mobs this time. The French government has ordered an additional 4,000 riot police into the Paris suburbs to try to stem the rioting. There are more reports of armed "youths" burning buses.

The move came on the one-year anniversary of the death of two teenagers which sent a wave of urban riots surging through France, sparking the country's most serious social crisis in 30 years.

"Four thousand police have been made available and will reinforce local personnel in order to ensure the security of citizens in sensitive districts," a national police headquarters spokesman said.

They will be used "in accordance with events on the ground", the spokesman said, adding that their presence will be "discreet but reactive and effective."

Police also said two masked men attacked a bus outside the train station at Blanc-Mesnil, in the violence-prone Seine Saint Denis region, forcing the driver and passengers to get out then setting the vehicle on fire, in the fifth such incident in 48 hours.

Police said the men were armed but did not specify the weapons used. They had spread petrol in the vehicle then set it alight.

The bus company said the driver and the 15 or so passengers aboard were not harmed.

After starting the fire, the men disengaged the vehicle's brake and allowed it to roll down a hill where it crashed into a barrier on a bend in the road, near to homes, according to witnesses.

Authorities are on high alert for a new flare-up of violence after youth gangs, some carrying handguns, torched — and in one case hijacked — three buses near Paris on Wednesday.

In Clichy-sous-Bois, the poor northeast Paris suburb where the riots erupted on October 27, 2005, around 1,000 people, most of them youngsters, filed quietly Friday morning past the spot where the two boys died.

France has a major problem right now. It does not appear to be getting any better at the moment even though the government has flooded Paris with Police. How long until martial law is declared?

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  1. France is about to find out how Israel feels every day of their week.

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