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A Look Behind The Curtain

Untitled document The Washington Post has an article explaining some of the moves and counter moves that are made in the background of political campaigns. They make it sound bad for the Republicans and better for the Democrats, but put … Continue reading

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The Write-Off Candidacy

Untitled document I'd call this a sure sign that the national Democratic party has written off the Lamont candidacy in Connecticut. Senator Joseph Biden has told reporters that yes, he backs Lamont. But he will not campaign for him against … Continue reading

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Despite All The Cheerleading

Untitled document Despite all the cheering from the media, despite all the pre-mortems, despite the obituaries and strident voices out there there are a few people still trying to put the breaks on premature celebration or premature gloom. Oddly, one … Continue reading

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Paris Is Burning, Part Two

Untitled document The World Tribune reports that so far this year more than 2,500 French police have been injured by Islamist and or drug business driven violence. This is a full fledged intifada at this point. So much for the appeasement … Continue reading

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Black Cats And Halloween

Untitled document It seems that an animal shelter in Boise, Idaho is banning the adoption of black cats (and white bunnies) from now through November 2nd. Just in case, they say. BOISE, Idaho – No black cat will cross your … Continue reading

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So Just What IS The Plan?

Untitled document This is one of those moments when you'd just like to grab the politicians by the lapels and shake them. Virginia Senate candidate gave the Democratic radio address today and promised that the Democrats would provide a remedy … Continue reading

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More Bad Meat

Untitled document The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australian Mufti, Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly (spellings vary), is still defiant but made a half-baked hint that he might step down. But only if a meeting of Muslim clerics determines that … Continue reading

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How To Deal With Conspiracy Theorists

Untitled document I read this in the hard copy of the Smithsonian Magazine when it came out, but it was not available online at that time. Since it is accessible now, I thought I would direct people to it. Melody … Continue reading

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A Penny Saved

Untitled document Is worth $500 if you find it. A Delaware coin dealer purposely spent a rare 1914-D Lincoln penny as a publicity stunt. Whoever finds the coin can choose to keep it or can redeem it at the shop … Continue reading

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The Meat Mufti

Untitled document Australian Mufti, Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, the one who compared women, unfavorably, to meat has made a lot of noise since his "sermon" came to light. Mostly he has accused the media of distorting his words. When he … Continue reading

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Bolivia’s President Feeling The Heat?

Untitled document Bolivian leftist president Evo Morales, (T)Hugo Chavez's self-avowed underling, appears to be in a bit of a bind over the nationalization of Bolivia's natural gas. Since he strong armed the international businesses that had been investing heavily in … Continue reading

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The Shady Science Of Shades

Untitled document Benjamin Radford has an article up over at LiveScience that looks at the "science" behind ghost hunting. It really is something that any would-be ghost hunter should read. I'd recommend it to 9/11 truthers as well to see … Continue reading

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A Look At The Future By Looking At The Past

Untitled document Investor's Business Daily has an editorial today that points out the fact that we have been here before. The political situation is quite similar to the situation not in 1994 but in 1974. That's an important point. Democrats … Continue reading

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Jost Van Dyke

Untitled document The New York Times has an article up today about Jost Van Dyke, one of the islands in the British Virgin Islands. Now the reason this caught my eye is that my family and I went there on … Continue reading

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The Hidden Agenda

Untitled document The Opinion Journal has a roundup of the things the Democrats are not talking about about their agenda should they win control of at least one chamber of Congress. They note that for all the comparisons being made … Continue reading

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