The Hidden Agenda

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The Opinion Journal has a roundup of the things the Democrats are not talking about about their agenda should they win control of at least one chamber of Congress. They note that for all the comparisons being made to 1994, chanted like a magic mantra by the media, the Democrats have been very nebulous about what they will do. They do not have a "Contract with America"-like agenda. But, oh, they do have plans.

Tax increases. The Bush tax cuts expire in 2010, and any chance that they'll be made permanent will vanish with a Democratic Congress. The question is whether Democrats will try to raise taxes even sooner. Most Democrats voted against the Bush tax cuts, but this week Ms. Pelosi said on CNBC's "Kudlow & Co." that "Democrats like tax cuts. We support middle-class tax cuts."


Health-care regulation. Big Pharma and private insurers, watch out. Michigan's John Dingell, who would run the Energy and Commerce Committee, has co-sponsored the "Patients Before Profits Act" that would gut funding for the new Medicare Advantage plans that are proving so popular with seniors. Instead, he and the other Democrats who run health-care panels want to direct all seniors into a single government-run Medicare drug plan. Another proposal from top Democrats, the Medicare for All Act, would make all Americans, of any age, eligible for Medicare and pay for it with a new 1.7% payroll tax on workers and 7% on employers.


The union label. AFL-CIO headquarters would be rocking with hope once again. A job-killing hike in the minimum wage, to $7.25 from $5.15, would whisk through Congress, and we'd expect that Mr. Bush would sign it.

But another top priority for Democrats is the Employee Free Choice Act, which has at least 215 co-sponsors in the House and 44 in the Senate. This would allow labor to turn workplaces into union shops without an election or secret ballot. Unions would merely have to gather signatures from a majority of workers at a work site, which means labor organizers could strong-arm employees who opposed such a petition. This would almost surely pass the House.

In addition, the Democrats will almost certainly block offshore exploration for oil which will actually increase the nation's reliance on foreign oil. There is quite a lot more, I just excerpted the highlights – or should that be lowlights?

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One Response to The Hidden Agenda

  1. syn says:

    In other words, if Democrats are elected their plan is to force Americans to get back on the collective magic bus and continue on down the road to serfdom.

    Instead of Nationalized Health Care, wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we mandate Nationalized Entertainment where everyone is given free music, concerts, movies, theater, books, magazines, poetry after all life without Art means death so it is our human right to be entertain instead of having those evil Artist profiteers steal our humanity so that they can live in Malibu mansions by the sea?

    Stop the evil Artist profiteers, we have the human right to free entertainment!

    Plus with Nationalized Entertainment the individual will have the freedom to choose their own individual of health care needs with all the money they used to spend on those evil Art profiteers.

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