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Are You Kidding Me?

Untitled document What in the hell is wrong with the left today? What makes them think this is acceptable? ANOTHER incident of putting someone in blackface. Crying Uncle BLITZER: I have been covering the Cheneys for many years, including on … Continue reading

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Stunningly Bad Move

Untitled document This one floors me. Harold Ford, Jr. probably cost himself the shot at the US Senate seat from Tennessee With this one. Saying that Republicans fear the Lord but Democrats Fear and love the Lord is possibly the stupidest … Continue reading

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Mexican Forces Assault Oaxaca

Untitled document It appears as if the Mexican government has regained control of Oaxaca after unleashing a full scale assault on the city. The Reuters report is a bit vague, but it sounds as if the federal forces have driven … Continue reading

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Not [Blank] Enough

Untitled document While it makes sense that, for example, an atheist would not be an acceptable candidate for the presidency of a Catholic seminary, where exactly does the line get drawn? And who draws it? If there are certain beliefs/traits/physiological … Continue reading

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Bad Meat Progresses To Rotten Meat

Untitled document You know, this guy just keeps getting worse. The Australian is now reporting another of Taj Din al-Hilali's little talks. This one is, if anything, much worse than his sermon comparing women, unfavorably, to meat. Because this time he … Continue reading

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Untitled document Tweet

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And If You Don’t Believe It’s Coming

Untitled document Maybe this will convince you. I linked an article from the Daily Mail earlier that described the new, brutal "eco-taxes" that will wreak havoc on Britain's economy. It described the incredibly regressive taxation Britain is looking to adopt … Continue reading

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Big Lies

Untitled document This surprises me not at all. Bill Clinton telling lies about how Brazil achieved energy independence. Bill says it was by developing ethanol. In fact, it was by drilling offshore and getting oil. Investors Business Daily explains: Clinton … Continue reading

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What The Future Holds

Untitled document You know all that talk from the left on global warming? You know all the talk about the "common good". Here's where it is heading folks. Secret plans for a multi-billion-pound package of stealth taxes on fuel, cars, … Continue reading

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What If You Threw A Birthday Party….

Untitled document ….and nobody came? Bill Clinton may just have that little embarrassment to deal with. It seems that the Clinton's party invitations requesting a cool $500,000 for a super-whamadyne seat of honor fell flat. So did the offer of … Continue reading

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The End Of An Icon

Untitled document Oh, the humanity! Say it ain't so, Joe! For the love of God, Montressor! Oh, hell, I stepped in it! All of those are cries of anguish and distress. But there is a new one. One that is … Continue reading

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Zombie Makes Appearance

Untitled document Well, Fidel Castro surfaced in video and in still photos. This is supposed to prove he is still alive. Now, put aside the fact that there are a number of ways that this could have been set up … Continue reading

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Leftist Paradise, Citizen’s Hell

Untitled document Mexican troops have surrounded Oaxaca and appear to be poised to launch assaults of the barricades manned by the leftist extremists who have held that city in thrall for months now. The leftists are calling for people to … Continue reading

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Intrepid Sails Again

Untitled document The USS Intrepid, now a museum in New York Harbor, is finally setting sail again. Only she'll go stern-first, hauled by tugboats. The journey will be quite short, only a few miles to a dry dock in New … Continue reading

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A Reflection On Dominoes

Untitled document Debra Saunders has a piece up over at Real Clear Politics that points out just how wrong an imposed timetable for withdrawing American troops from Iraq is. Because there will be repercussions in the short term as well … Continue reading

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