Are You Kidding Me?

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What in the hell is wrong with the left today? What makes them think this is acceptable? ANOTHER incident of putting someone in blackface.

Crying Uncle

BLITZER: I have been covering the Cheneys for many years, including on a day-to-day basis when he was the defense secretary during the first Gulf War and I was CNN’s Pentagon correspondent . . . I was surprised when she came out swinging on Friday, surprised . . . at her sniping at my patriotism.

Wolf Blitzer
CNN Late Edition
October 29, 2006

Translation: Oh Lawdy! Massa's wife so mad she even beatin' on us house slaves now. What dis ol' world comin' to?

This is sick.

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64 Responses to Are You Kidding Me?

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  3. rich says:

    You think this one blogger represents “the left”??

  4. Gaius says:

    Jane Hamsher did the same thing to Joe Lieberman. That wasn’t the first time. Where does it stop? Is this one blogger the entire left? No. Is he symptomatic? At this point there have been enough incidents to say yes, there is a problem and it is on the left.

  5. Rich: they all look alike.
    Gaius: Would have been better if it was Andy Cooper, the proverbial silver spoon-fed twit git.

  6. Fausta says:

    So it’s OK for the Left to do this stuff, but it’s not OK for George Allen to say “macaca” and have a Confederate flag 30 years ago in his dorm room?

  7. Fausta? Shuss yer mouth!

  8. jpe says:

    Fausta, Allen was actually hurling a racist slur. Billmon is making a point by reference to the legacy of slavery.

    To say it’s racist, you’d have to argue that the constant use of such a horrific thing as this kind of racist imagery somehow normalizes what should be something like a sacred text. (this would be similar to critiques of comparing this or that to the holocaust – by using it in everyday discourse, the critique goes, we sap some it of its unique horror).

  9. Gaius says:

    No jpe, this is unacceptable imagery in any context. There is no excuse for this – none whatsoever.

  10. Anchoress says:

    “You think this one blogger represents “the left”??”

    Why not? If it were one rightly blogger it would represent “the right,” Christians everywhere and allllllll ships at sea.

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  12. TC says:

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    jpe? Don't tell me… junior year; majoring in something with no economic dividend… believes Chomsky actually has done any worthy linguistics work in the last twenty-odd years, to be afforded a pass from class and paid for talking out his *** when it comes to things politic…. Am I close?

    (Edit and warning, TC. I'm being very strict on this comment thread)

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  14. John McDermott says:

    Probably almost as surprised as Lynn was when you failed to talk about her book, and tried to ambush her politically. Of course, it’s always a challenge to patriotism, rather than an explanation of why a so-called American network would air enemy propaganda.

  15. query to Large Blue Claw-enhanced majordomo: so, dancing down the steps to Hell is “not a good idea” today?

  16. Gaius says:

    No, it is not a good idea today, TC.

  17. ppp says:

    I am a big ole liberal, and as much as it may pain me to say this, I am going to have to agree with my conservative friends here. that comic on billmon’s blog is offensive and not helpful to the debate discussion. there are a lot fo ways you can make the same point, and I am not sure why it is necessary to appeal to the ugly legacy of this nation’s racist past to make them. Having said this, I will say it is not ok for people on the left to do this (notice I differentiate between people on the left and “the left”) AND it is not ok for george allen to call people racist names (plz, don;t give me this “he made it up” crap) or for people to run racist ads in TN. neither should be acceptable.

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  19. Ed says:


    “this is unacceptable imagery in any context. There is no excuse for this – none whatsoever. ”

    I agree but then I also agree that waving the traitorous, pro-slavery Confederate flag is inexcusable. What say we try to stop all of these coded race-baiting images? Okay?

  20. liza says:


    Here’s my follow up to this :

    Vote Democrat. Even if some of them are morons

    Apologies for leaving the link here but I can’t run trackbacks anymore due to spambot attcks.

  21. Don Surber says:

    Good catch, Blue Crab. I’m sure you are dealing with children who do not understand what they did or why it wa swrong. We on the right must remain patient and instructive.

  22. Kman says:

    Why is this “racist”? What race was Billmon poking fun at? Black people?

    The words and text obviously aren’t equating black people with the subservient shuck-and-jive stereotype of minstrel shows.

    Billmon was casting aspersions on Wolf Blitzer and CNN. Accuse Billmon of Blitzerism, if you must, but not racism.

  23. Gaius says:

    Blackface is racist imagery, Kman. If you really don’t get that, you have a problem.

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  25. Evil Progressive says:

    Lynne and Dick Cheney indeed really know a lot about patriotism… As evidenced by “five-deferment-I-had-other-priorities” Dick! These people have never seen a war they did not like, as long as they can stay far away from it and line their pockets with war-profiteering, stolen taxpayer dollars.

  26. buzz says:

    The Confederacy wasn’t racist. Jim Webb said so, so it has to be true, right?

    And those “racist” ads in TN? The screams would be just as loud if the “playmate” had been black (reminding viewers of Ford’s race) or Asian or Latino (sexualing women of color).

    So frickin predictable.

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  28. bebelbrox says:


    The Confederate Flag is not necessarily racist. It would depend on how it is being used. Let me give you an example:

    My wife was born and raised in the USSR. She is now an American citizen, has been for 10 years. In our home we have a big Soviet flag hanging right next to our American flag. We are quite aware of what was done in the Communist days and make no apologies for any of the horrors from those times. We cheered when the Berlin Wall came down, and cried tears of joy when the Russian people gained their freedom. However, none of this changes the fact that that flag to my wife represents Home to her. It represents her childhood, her growing up, her worldview; if you will, and always will. Does that mean we want Gorby and his ilk back? Of course not, but it does represent for her a past that is a part of her.

  29. John McDermott says:

    Hmmmm Evil Progressive. President Clinton’s draft dodging and Carter’s pardon of thousands who left the country for Canada doesn’t seem to bother you all that much, so why harp on legal deferments?

  30. Don Surber says:

    It is racist to insist that Harold Ford Jr. can date only black women. Kofi Annan, Clarence Thomas and a few million other black men might havve a problem with that.

    Blackface is racist

  31. Faux outrage when minor lefty blogger comments that CNN is a house slave to the Bush administration. No problems with Allen using macaca – a common term in hard-core racist Virginia circles and in Allen’s mother’s homeland, and no problems with Allen’s unbelievable lying and saying that he has never used the n-word. One former GOP lobbyist wrote he heard Allen use it in soliciting money to run for Senator.

    Support civil rights and be less hypocritical and then we might believe your outrage.

  32. Joe Wilson says:

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    No wonder he is such a ****. Hey lizards.

    (edit and warning, please read the comment policy)

  33. Gaius says:

    Topp 100 in the TTLB ecosystem is minor? Your name is quite apt.

  34. Ed says:


    Of course it has memories that she has respect for but would she insist on flying it in the Ukraine or Latvia that were occupied? Would she insist on waving it in the faces of the Gulag survivors or the families of those who didn’t survive?

    The fight over the flag has been exactly over these issues. It’s been used as a symbol of defiance and resistance to the Civil Rights movement and to our Constitutional form of government. If you think it’s a good idea to destroy the USA, go ahead and wave it. As a patriotic American, I consider it the sign of traitors.

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  36. bebelbrox says:


    I think I am say the same thing as you. There are those who use it as a symbol of hatred, there are those who use it to express a certain “southern pride” or a pride in a rural life (rednecks if you will), and there are those who haven’t a darn clue as to why they display it. They are not all one and the same.

  37. jlo says:

    I think it would be helpful if the person who created this thread actually explained how Billmon’s razor-sharp criticism of mainstream media servility by utilizing a classic American cultural symbol that exemplifies that “plantation” mentality perfectly is somehow racist?

    Does the use of any racist imagery to drive home an analoguos point automatically make the user a racist and/or discount all his or her credibility? Were the Dutch newspaper editors who ran those cartoons awhile back automatically anti-Muslim? Or were they simply utilizing powerful imagery to generate a point for discussion?

    How does the sheer use of an image of America’s racist history make the user a racist? Particularly when that image is used in an effort to criticize a person or institution for acting in a manner that is analoguos to that racism?

    Your criticism seems to be the eptiome of what rankles critics of overweening political correctness across the ideological spectrum.

    Your sum counter-analysis of what obviously really struck a chord within you is “this is sick.” Why is it sick? Is just the image itself sickening? If so, that seems a bit overly sensitive if not outright intellectually childish.

    Thanks in advance.

  38. section9 says:

    It’s not the wretched PhotoShop that’s racist, so much, it’s Billmon’s deliberately racist use of black minstrel slang. That’s what’s so offensive here. I see the Usual Suspects are showing up to provide the Usual Rationalizations and Argument By Misdirection. They did the same thing after the Wellstone Funeral catastrophe.

    Believe me, you have no idea how much in common your highly partisan Lefty Kossack has with David Duke and the people over at the National Socialist White People’s Party. Two sides, same coin. They just don’t see it. Most of them haven’t read Hoffer’s The True Believer. They need to.

  39. Gaius says:

    Defending the indefensible as razor sharp. Very good.

    Perhaps Prometheus 6 could get it through.

    There is of course one other simple test: what would the reaction be from the left if a right leaning blog had done this? Describing it as razor sharp would not be the way that discussion would go.

  40. jpe says:

    Blackface is racist imagery, Kman. If you really don’t get that, you have a problem.

    It is racist imagery, but is every use racist? What if it were displayed at a civil rights museum – that wouldn’t seem to be racist, because the context is important. So what we have to do is look at the context: is Billmon using the imagery to say that blacks are subservient creatures or somesuch? Or is he using it as a play on the meaning of the imagery?

    These are the questions that have to be investigated in analyzing the post.

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  42. Gaius says:

    It would be proper in a museum in context. That’s the only legitimate reason for it. Again, if a right wing blogger had done what would your reaction be?

    Mine would be the same. It is unacceptable. Period.

  43. Bic says:

    Lemming, “macaca – a common term” – I had no idea this term was a “common term” and apparently neither did anyone else since every news report (and there have been a abundance of them) treated it as if it was the first time the word was ever uttered in the United States; as it may very well have been.

    Without any proof to the contrary, the whole ‘macaca’ incident simply comes down to a guy trying to call out to someone who’s name he didn’t know using a word that just happened to be a slur in another part of the world. There is no indication he meant it as a personal insult or even was aware of it’s meaning, even taking into account his maternal heritage. His explanation that it was a simple mishearing of a nickname being brandied about by the volunteers makes much more sense then that it was meant as a racial attack for no apparent reason.

    The same can not be said for the use of blackface or the constant referral to African American Conservatives as “Uncle Tom’s” or “Aunt Jemimas”. When these terms or images are used it is quite clear that the speaker/artist is being deliberate.

  44. Rbrad says:


    The reason it is racist is the same reason the original use was racist; the sole purpose is to demean. The same as the the ‘n’ word, the word was originally used to make a class of people feel ‘less than people’.

    Unfortunately, in this country as well as other English speaking countries throughout the world, the word became part of the general vocabulary as it’s original meaning faded with time.

    To quote Gaius: ‘If you really don’t get that, you have a problem.’

  45. h0mi says:

    A link to your comment policies would be a good idea.

    “It is racist imagery, but is every use racist? What if it were displayed at a civil rights museum – that wouldn’t seem to be racist, because the context is important. ”

    The museum is displaying racist imagry and explaining it. Billmon (and FDL) _used_ racist imagry to convey a message, and the message had nothing to do with why/how this imagry was _bad_.

  46. Darren7160 says:

    Is it racist? Most obviously so. What is the context and who is it making a statement to and about? If we want to use Melhman’s definition, if the “respectfully disagrees” with the implication that it is racist, then it isn’t racist.

    The whole Confederate flag thing really is silly. It is like the revising of the Civil War not being about slavlery and into being about state’s rights versues Federal Power. From a degree of seperation, it is… however, if you look at the administrations leading up to President Lincolns, the Free Land issues and the disagreements leading up to it (such as Bloody Kansas) you will see that it was caused by the differences between the north and the south… it was about slavery… it was about the preservation of the Sourthern way of life (most assuredly including slavery!).

    However, as to attributing to all based upon the actions or beliefs of one… that is quite common when Limbaugh or Coulter writes a book… they look for the looniest person and say all “liberals” believe that. I am a liberal, and I am a disabled vet and I resent the way we vets are treated as “heros” until we happen to disagree. That is not honoring a vet… that is using a vet. It is shameful.

  47. Gaius says:

    Ford said the ad wasn’t racist, btw.

    Linked the comment policy.

  48. Jake says:

    This is just another cheap right wing smear job, utterly petty and irrelevant. Since Wolf is about as black as an albino cat, who cares?

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