Bad Meat Progresses To Rotten Meat

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You know, this guy just keeps getting worse. The Australian is now reporting another of Taj Din al-Hilali's little talks. This one is, if anything, much worse than his sermon comparing women, unfavorably, to meat. Because this time he praise the jihadis who murder people, including American and Australian troops. But mostly, the jihadis kill fellow Muslims.

But, hey, the sheik is all for it. They're freedom fighters, don't you know.

TAJ Din al-Hilali has praised militant jihadists in Iraq and Afghanistan, calling them men of the highest order for fighting against coalition forces – which include Australian soldiers – to "liberate" their homelands. In an interview on Arabic radio two weeks ago, the imam based at Sydney's Lakemba mosque said he was opposed to terror attacks in Madrid, London and New York but strongly endorsed fighters in the Palestinian territories, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the interview, Sheik Hilali pays tribute to Sayyid Qutb, the ideologue of the Muslim Brotherhood and intellectual mentor of Osama bin Laden and al-Qa'ida.

"Jihad of the liberator of Palestine, that's the greatest and cleanest and highest … jihad which lifts our heads in pride in south Lebanon," Sheik Hilali says in the October 17 interview.

He tells broadcaster Abrahim Zoabi that he endorses jihad for liberation. "We are talking about … jihad of liberating our land, jihad of Muslim Afghanis in their land – that's jihad.

"Jihad of Iraqi Muslims is jihad, but not when Sunnis and Shias are killing each other – that's not jihad."

The revelation comes as a neighbouring cleric from Sydney's Bankstown accused Sheik Hilali of supporting military Islamic jihad against the West and called on imams from around the country to band together to force the mufti to step down.

Sheik Ibrahim El-Shafie said yesterday Sheik Hilali was a follower of the Egyptian Islamic scholar Qutb, one of the founding fathers of modern jihad, whose teachings are used by al-Qa'ida and Jemaah Islamiah.

In the radio interview, Sheik Hilali says Qutb interpreted the Koran in the "finest manner". "Sayyid Qutb is an intellectual man … who gave up his soul in 66 for Islam."

Sheik Shafie told The Australian that since arriving in Australia in 1982, Sheik Hilali had defended Qutb's radical ideology and praised him as a "martyr for Islam" and a "role model".

"Hilali has since he got here been defending the ideology of Sayyid Qutb," he said.

Sheik Shafie said Sheik Hilali's support of Qutb was effectively "encouraging" his followers to espouse and act on the executed scholar's ideologies.

I realize Australia has said that this man is now a naturalized citizen. But isn't there a process to revoke that? Because this is one piece of rotten meat that is polluting the entire continent. He doesn't honor his adopted country. Instead he regularly encourages barbarism. Australia would do well to strip him of his citizenship and send him back to the place he came from. Otherwise, Australia is in for a long, hard battle.

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