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3 Responses to Changes

  1. Blackhawk says:

    Sweet. Thanks for the pic. Nice, not only because it was a beautiful day here in the midwest, but also because da Bears won…again.

  2. Blackhawk? As a Giants fan (I’d like to cheer for the Jets, but they used to play at Shea, the stadium belonging to that team from Queens, which, as any good Bronx born boy can tell you, means “terminal cooties”), please walk on top of the El’s Loop… during rush hour.

    Your boys ain’t been fun since McMahon and the Fridge.

  3. Blackhawk says:

    Oh, setting up for 11/12, eh? BRING IT ON!!! Either way, I expect da Bears will carry their division more likely than the Giants….(yeah, the NFC North is weak).

    DA BEARS!!! (pounds chest, caridac pending…’pass da brats and beer’)

    Yeah, the 85 Bears had more personallity, not b/c McM and the Fridge, but because of Sweetness and the Monsters.

    Oh, and for dancing on the El…go play in the street with the taxis :)

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