Stunningly Bad Move

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This one floors me. Harold Ford, Jr. probably cost himself the shot at the US Senate seat from Tennessee With this one. Saying that Republicans fear the Lord but Democrats Fear and love the Lord is possibly the stupidest campaign statement I have heard in a long, long time. God is on our side? Oh, please.

HAROLD FORD, JR.: My friend Lincoln Davis who chairs our campaign says there are, there’s one big difference between us and misfortunate Republicans when it comes to our faith: he said that Republicans fear the Lord; he said Democrats fear AND love the Lord

Wow! What a statement! I don’t doubt that many Democrats fear And love the lord, but what would make this man come to the conclusion that Republicans only fear the lord? That is what he said. He noted there was a difference between Republican and Democrat faith in God and that the difference was the lack of love from the Republicans. What an absolute insult! Why is this guy bringing religion into his political campaign like this anyway? Is this how the left are trying to win over the religious folk? How righteous of the man! I’m not prophet, but I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that there will be some backlash on this. At least there should be. The left will probably stay silent though.

This is really a stunningly bad move on Ford's part. Is the campaign just too much for him? Is he making these mistakes because he's tired? Or is he just not a good candidate? At this point, I'm beginning to wonder about him.

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  1. “Is the campaign just too much for him? Is he making these mistakes because he’s tired? Or is he just not a good candidate?”


    Self-correcting statements….

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