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Scary Stories

Untitled document Well, here at last is the Democrats trying to lower expectations. But there is one problem. They actually sound scared right now. What if the polls are lying to them? But Democrats have learnt from bitter experience that … Continue reading

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Venezuela Caving?

Untitled document Venezuela is signaling that it may consider the Dominican Republic as an alternative candidate for the UN Security Council seat that (T)Hugo Chavez could not succeed in buying. I am not conversant enough in Latin American relations to … Continue reading

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Connecting The Dots

Untitled document I have absolutely no idea who Paco is, but that person has been good enough to mention and link the Crabitat several times over in Tim Blair's comment section, according to the Sitemeter logs. The most recent link … Continue reading

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Worst Campaign Season Ever

Untitled document Well, the Dems and their fellow travelers in the media wanted it to be all about protecting the young and the innocent when the Foley scandal was being pimped as the October surprise. But now it gets down … Continue reading

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Gold Rush

Untitled document Tweet

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Going Batty

Untitled document Dateline Americus, Georgia: The animal uprising has almost concluded it's master plan to take over an American town with aerial shock troops. They have driven the last man who had been trying to stem the tide into crying uncle. … Continue reading

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Dying For Your Vote

Untitled document Noel Sheppard has a column up over at Real Clear Politics. In it he reminds those who are thinking about sitting out the election what exactly that means. He also points out that those who choose not to … Continue reading

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Killer Koalas Kloned

Untitled document The Aussies have lost their marbles completely. Now, we have always been fond of the Australians. A country that produces Fosters and brought us Beccy Cole and shrimp on the barby can even be forgiven for Paul Hogan. … Continue reading

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Autralian Mufti Steps Down

Untitled document After apparently suffering a mild heart attack, Taj Din al-Hilali, the Australian mufti who compared women, unfavorably, to meat, has agreed to take an indefinite leave of absence from the job of mufti. He has also offered an … Continue reading

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Today’s Special: Photographer Under Glass

Untitled document Two members of a BBC film crew got a chance to experience a little window shopping from the wrong side. It seems a very large and apparently very hungry polar bear took a keen interest in the pair … Continue reading

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Untitled document Not getting the hopes up just yet, but I did note the large casualty figures from this report and wondered what that might be all about. CHINGAI, Pakistan – Pakistani troops backed by missile-firing helicopters on Monday struck … Continue reading

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Oaxaca Still Unsettled

Untitled document The leftists were pushed back out of the main square in Oaxaca by Mexican forces, but are vowing to return. The government forces are holding the zocalo plaza using vehicles mounting water cannons. Everyday residents of the city … Continue reading

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Oh No You Don’t!

Untitled document Benjamin Radford is debunking ghosts again. This time, however, he goes too far. He is debunking the world of spirit photography. Obviously he has not seen the real, genuine Reuters Quality™ photographic evidence that abounds here in the … Continue reading

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Things Forgotten

Untitled document It happens to us all. We forget to bring something when we're going on vacation. Or we leave something behind inadvertently, like leaving a coat or a hat or gloves when we leave a restaurant. It's just part … Continue reading

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For Those Who Expect The Fat Lady To Sing

Untitled document There might be an unexpected case of laryngitis waiting in the wings. The race to fill Tom DeLay's vacant seat has become a statistical dead heat despite all the Democratic efforts to keep DeLay's name on the ballot. … Continue reading

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