Connecting The Dots

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I have absolutely no idea who Paco is, but that person has been good enough to mention and link the Crabitat several times over in Tim Blair's comment section, according to the Sitemeter logs. The most recent link was one to this post about polar bears and a BBC film crew (and nearly dinner). Now, being a good blogger, I am not shy about cheerfully stealing a good idea when it is thrown right in front of me. So Paco's comment (#17) over at Tim's place along with the comment from Achillea (#43) got me thinking.

If the BBC has taken it upon themselves to make sure the starving polar bears have an adequate supply of filmmakers, why is there so much angst about the effects of global warming on the polar bears? The bears will replace seal meat with bare meat and all will be well in the world. Forget all that gun advice in the original post. Take away the filmmaker's flare guns and feed the needy polar bears!

And if that doesn't fill them up, I happen to know where there is an abundant supply of fresh bat!

(Thanks for the links, Paco)

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