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Not getting the hopes up just yet, but I did note the large casualty figures from this report and wondered what that might be all about.

CHINGAI, Pakistan – Pakistani troops backed by missile-firing helicopters on Monday struck a religious school purportedly being used as an al-Qaida training center, killing 80 people in what appeared to be the country's deadliest-ever attack against suspected militants.

Now Jay at Stop the ACLU has this post up.

ABC’s Blotter

Ayman al Zawahiri was the target of a Predator missile attack this morning on a religious school in Pakistan, according to Pakistani intelligence sources.

ABC News has learned the raid was launched after U.S. intelligence received tips and examined Predator reconnaissance indicating that al Qaeda’s No. 2 man may have been staying at the school, which is located in the Bajaur region near the village that is thought to be al Qaeda’s winter headquarters.

Despite earlier reports that the missiles had been launched by Pakistani military helicopters, Pakistani intelligence sources now tell ABC News that the missiles were fired from a U.S. Predator drone plane.

Between two and five senior al Qaeda militants were killed in the attack, including the mastermind of the airliners plot in the U.K., according to Pakistani intelligence sources.

No word yet on whether or not Zawahiri was killed in the raid, but one Pakistani intelligence source did express doubt that Zawahiri would have been staying in a madrassa, which is an obvious target for strikes against militants. That source, however, did express confidence that Pakistani intelligence is closing in on Zawahiri’s location.

Jay isn't getting his hopes up yet, but hey, it would be a good thing if Zawahiri was dead. The screams questioning the timing should start any second now.

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4 Responses to Maybe?

  1. crosspatch says:

    I believe you would be advised to check that story at The Blotter fairly regularly as that particular site has a tendancy to modify articles without any comment that it has changed. So what it says one hour might be something completely different the next hour with no comment or other indication that the posting has been modified. Not exactly a reliable source in my book.

  2. Gaius says:

    That’s one reason I am not getting my hopes up. But the high numbers had already caught my eye.

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  4. Former Republican says:

    Capturing Sadaam didn’t help us. Killing al-Zaqari didn’t help us. If anything, it made things worse. Do you really think killing Zawahiri is going to be different?

    In order to kill a person we have demonized, we are willing to kill lots of innocents. Eighty people dead? Yes, of course, every single fatality was Al Qaeda. We are obsessed with individuals we consider evil and careless of human life. That is a major reason why we are losing this struggle.

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