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Bring Out Your Dead Vote

Untitled document Jonathan Adler, posting at the Volokh Conspiracy, notes an analysis by the Poughkeepsie Journal that shows a rather large and active group of dead voters in New York State. Oddly, dead Democratic voters are more able to get to … Continue reading

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The Supporters Of Election Fraud

Untitled document John Fund has an article at the Opinion Journal about the many problems with the extensive proliferation of absentee balloting. Simply put, making absentee ballots easily accessible is bad for democracy, bad for voter turnout and is an … Continue reading

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The Problem With Polls

Untitled document Michael Barone has a column up over at Real Clear Politics that points out the difficulties of polls and polling. It also points out some weird anomalies this year that are highly unusual – to the point of … Continue reading

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Declining Trust

Untitled document Sebastian Mallaby has a column up in the Washington Post that bemoans the declining trust Americans have in politics and business. He doesn't actually say how to regain that trust, just shakes his head. You see this most … Continue reading

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Fingers Ready

Untitled document The Washington Post reports that there are people already lining up to point fingers if the Republicans lose next Tuesday. They plan on pointing at Karl Rove. Now it really has already started, yesterday's op-ed in the WaPo … Continue reading

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