Things Forgotten

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It happens to us all. We forget to bring something when we're going on vacation. Or we leave something behind inadvertently, like leaving a coat or a hat or gloves when we leave a restaurant. It's just part of being human, right? I mean, it could happen to anyone. You could move into your new digs and leave a couple of corpses behind.

NICOSIA (Reuters) – Health authorities in Cyprus are trying to work out how two rotting corpses were left behind in a decommissioned mortuary with the electricity switched off after a hospital move early this month, officials said Saturday.

A funeral director made the macabre discovery after going to the mortuary of a new hospital which opened in the Cypriot capital three weeks ago, to collect a body for burial, Cypriot newspapers reported.

Failing to find it there, he went to the old de-commissioned hospital Friday and found two corpses in freezers which had been switched off.

One of the bodies was that of a Pole, the other a Moldovan, local papers reported, adding that the condition of one was so bad that it had to be buried immediately.

Just in time for Halloween. Or, you could be forgetful and leave a fingertip behind at the scene of a burglary, right?

"We usually find fingerprints at the crime scene, but it's not every day that thieves leave the original there too," said a spokesman for police in the central town of Hildesheim.

Police wasted no time in matching the piece of finger with existing prints they had from a 15-year-old of Iraqi origin.

The youth initially denied breaking and entering into an office to steal a computer but confessed when police produced the digital remnant, which had been severed on a broken window.

"Leave the original". I wish I'd come up with that one! Now if you're normally forgetful, you might be interested in a new development to remind you of important things:

A new mobile phone available through Japan's NTT DoCoMo can ring to let would-be mothers know when they reach the most fertile part of their monthly reproductive cycles.

By tapping in data on menstruation dates, the user can programme the phone to alert her three days before ovulation and again on the day. The company warns that the calculations are based on average cycles.

Whatever happened to the old string around the finger trick?

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