Today’s Special: Photographer Under Glass

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Two members of a BBC film crew got a chance to experience a little window shopping from the wrong side. It seems a very large and apparently very hungry polar bear took a keen interest in the pair while they were sitting in a hut. They got a tad nervous when the bear began peering in the window at them. Looking hungry.

Even when it's your job to film them, half a ton of ravenous polar bear peering through your window can be an unwelcome sight.

Especially when all that's between you and becoming the animal's dish of the day are the walls of an old wooden shack in one of the world's most remote spots.

Just ask intrepid BBC cameraman Doug Allan and field assistant Jason Roberts, who were confronted by this specimen while enjoying a game of chess in their 16ft by 16ft cabin during a break in filming.

Measuring 5ft to the shoulder and 10ft from nose to stump of tail, the male bear wandered over and seemed reluctant to leave until his hunger had been satisfied.

It was only after Mr Allan and Mr Roberts had three times tried to scare him off by setting off flares that their uninvited dinner guest finally lumbered away to see what was on the menu elsewhere.

The chilling encounter happened while the pair were filming in temperatures of minus 30C in Kong Karls Land, an archipelago in the Norwegian Arctic which had not been visited by humans for 25 years before their arrival for a five week shoot.

Frankly, they were lucky. If that bear had been hungry enough, they would have been the blue plate special for sure. I'd personally never go to a place like that without having a real firearm handy. A flare gun just won't cut it if the bear is serious. One of these would be a minimum in .460 S&W magnum, although the .500 S&W magnum would probably be better.

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5 Responses to Today’s Special: Photographer Under Glass

  1. James says:

    One of these would be better than any pistol, but it’s a very cool effort on the part of S & W.

  2. Gaius says:

    That would do it, wouldn’t it…… Nice short rifle with a great big bullet…

  3. htom says:

    Goofed that one up. Magnum BFR.

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